Preventive oral health care is the core aim of a dentist in Edinburgh, because they understand that prevention of a disease or decay is far better than any cure they can offer their patients. They also understand, as parents do too, that young teeth, after milk teeth have fallen out, are with a person for life. So it is so critical that they are cared for correctly for the long term benefits that a healthy smile can offer a child.

By starting early, even when milk teeth are erupting, parents are giving their children the best start in life, as they are establishing good habits early and reducing the likelihood that a fear of the dentist can be irrationally formed. In these early visits, a child is given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their dentist and their surroundings. Often, the oral health care professional will use a number of different tools and introduce them to the child to start to educate them in their dental health. This can help them gain confidence with the situation and therefore be more comfortable and confident in the coming years.

By seeking to take a child to a dentist every six months from birth, parents are doing what they can in educating themselves on the development of their child’s mouth, as well as allowing their child to gain good, healthy oral hygiene and health habits.

As milk teeth begin to fall out, this is where all the good training comes into play. By keeping these young, milk teeth strong and healthy with frequent brushing and with a reduced sugar diet, newly forming adult teeth have the best start. This has been proven to reduce the instances of adult teeth growing in crooked or other complications, should milk teeth become rotten due to poor care. These oral hygiene habits also play a role here as the adult teeth come in and get established for life.

What treatments can be offered to maintain good oral health?


With these first few years being so important, it can be quite a difficult task for young children to maintain and this can have devastating consequences. This is why a dental practice can provide a few treatments designed to aid in caring for young teeth so that they remain strong, healthy and cavity free.

One of these treatments is a fissure sealant. This is a material that is placed in the deep grooves of molars that are sometimes hard to brush correctly and thoroughly. If they are not cleaned properly, food debris and bacteria can build up and slowly eat away at the tooth enamel. This can cause cavities which are with the child for life.

The sealant fills in these deep groves and creates a smooth surface that repels debris and bacteria. Children must still brush their teeth morning and night, however it is just easier for them to ensure their teeth are clean.

The sealant lasts for several years before it ages and chips away. This can easily be replaced to ensure that these teeth are protected for as long as possible.