All we know that our society declares that men are stronger than women and they can handle almost every situation. My research over the last some years as a therapist treating sexual urges has brought me into contact with some men. They visit my office wearing the mask of humiliation, confusion and shame. Normally, after therapy, they come to a general link in between them: they are unhappy. Unfilled and feeling pain from a chaos that, for men, may be as veiled as sexual problem itself, sadness in men is barely discussed about. It is female who are disheartened, it is a disease of women with depression happening four times more frequently in the fairer sex.

However I think there is a deep cultural conspiracy happening: Men do not tell the reality to themselves or some others regarding the jagged, dark, emptiness that uses them. Discussing about the intensity of these emotions is so, well, unmanly. The actual story regarding men, sexual depression and acting out is as difficult as each of the offended souls who visit my office. The overall impact of sexual addiction/deviance and depression on some of them is massive.

Here the problem of gender comes into view. Girls are entertained to be expressive and connected. But from an immature age, the boy is told by their culture to execute feelings – to search for relief throughout action except through introspection or connection. Different type of pain is externalized in men, effecting in failures in intimacy, domestic violence, workaholism, alcoholism, and, certainly, sexual obligation.

The manliness theme of invulnerability has permeated our society for generations. Take a look at some heroes we have: Robocop, The Man of Steel, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, The Terminator: all these creatures factually made not of soft tissue and blood and surely not, revulsion of revulsions, feelings. The society sends the note that the man who is feeling pain from not needed and mystifying feelings must not expect help. He wants to resolve their problems personally.

Generally he seeks to determine his expressive problems by turning to a matter, activity or person to regulate their confidence and to defend against depression. I think that it is at the core of the addictive procedure. When a secretly depressed connection of man to the object of their addiction is uninterrupted, he feels best regarding himself. But once the supply moves out – the situation is over, he cannot get to the PC to see sexy movies, he is rejected by female he desires, the debit/credit card runs out – their self-esteem plummets and the secret depression starts to unfurl. Such type of emotions of emptiness and diminution can drive them back to their compulsion, contributing to the sadistic addiction cycle.

Always, the concern that arises in healing is depression and the embarrassment that escorts it. Once someone comes so intensely into inner pain of a man, one can distinguish the hidden weakness lying resting there. In the conditions of usual psychotherapy, men’s pain that is internal clearly experienced, and capable to be discussed about is less bothered compare to pain that is unconsciously and externalized “treated out.” Treatment depends on the insight of patient into their problems with emotions because it the main motivating cause. The complexity with this system is that it is a lot more in keeping with the usual emotional women’s skills than men. Men don’t have voluntarily at hand similar level of insight into their affecting lives as female, as our culture dislocates them from the arousing aspects of themselves.

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