An important thing to remember with dental marketing is that what used to work in previous years does not work any more. Dental marketing relied on word-of-mouth referrals and patient loyalty in the past, however, both have been replaced by modern marketing techniques and strategies. Word-of-mouth referrals have been replaced by Google reviews and other social proof, whilst patient loyalty is a thing of the past. The better promotions, dental care and customer service a dental practice is able to offer their patients, the more likely that patient will be convinced to address their dental needs with them.

Seek professional help

You need to speak to an award-winning digital marketing team, maybe one from the likes of Frenik Marketing Group, for instance, who may have up-to-date knowledge of the current trends in all kinds of marketing and would be able to make sure that you are one step ahead of your competitors at all times. Digital dental marketing is, truly speaking, the only method of marketing for dentists that actually works in this era of digital technology. You need a strong digital marketing campaign to be able to continuously attract patients to your practice. However, digital dental marketing is also evolving at all times. What worked last year may not work as productively this year or may not work at all. To stay in keeping with current trends you need a digital dental marketing agency to take care of your marketing campaign on your behalf and create a strong online presence for you.

A strong online presence

For a strong online presence you need to make sure that you have a modern, updated and optimized dental website for your dental practice. You need to have an optimized ‘Google my business’ page which helps with local search engine optimization and you need to invest time and effort into social media which is now the most common form of communication across the world. When carried out correctly these three marketing strategies can come together to attract quality leads for your business which you can convert into loyal patients at your practice.

The more visible and accessible you are online the greater chance there is of attracting new patients to grow your business. This means your Google my business profile, your website and your social media pages need search engine optimization or SEO. This is so that you can boost your ranking on Google search results lists for dental practices or dental treatments and procedures. The higher you rank on a search results list the more chance there is of attracting quality leads. The majority of internet users only visit the first five websites on the search results list. Therefore a digital marketing team will know which strategies need to be implemented on your website and other online media to help boost your ranking on the list. Google algorithms change regularly so a static website or social media account will become ineffective very quickly if it is not maintained and updated regularly.

Speak to a specialist dental marketing team today and delegate your marketing campaign to their experienced hands, so that you have a digital marketing strategy in place that continues to attract patients 24 hours a day for many years to come.