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The Extra Hour of Sleep Can Move Mountains: 6 Side-Effects of Time Changes

Since World War I,daylight savings has been used in the United States and in parts of Europe. The initial purpose of daylight savings was to help conserve fuel used for electric power during the war, according to Web Exhibits. Other countries later hopped on the band wagon while others have refrained from doing so. Nevertheless, many consider daylight savings to be outdated. But its so-called in convenience and irrelevancy aren’t the only things that have people debating against the time change. Research on the impact of switching our clocks an hour behind in the fall and an hour ahead...

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15 Awe-Inspiring Stories About Once Popular Restaurant Chains That Are No Longer in Existence

Over the span of just the last few decades,restaurant franchises have become a significant source of revenue in prevalent consumer culture in the United States. Age-old chains and eateries dominate the highways and shopping centers, but it seems that for every success there is an equivalent failure. Hundreds of restaurants have gone belly up over the years,in some cases, after reaching fairly high levels of success and fame. The higher you are, the further you fall. The following is a useful article about some of these restaurants, which you might not even remember since they seemingly fell off the...

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These Are no Arbitrary Numbers: 9 Things that Have an Impact on Your Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates are not usually arbitrary numbers made by auto insurance providers. They are keenly thought out calculations. Using your personal information and their claim data, companies come up with a particular amount of money that will be payable to you whenever you make a claim. The riskier your situation is, the more you will be paid and the safer you are, the lesser your claim will be. Here are some of the risk factors that insurers consider when determining your rates; 1) Geographical Location Your geographical location can inform your insurer about many risks. From your ZIP code, your insurer can check the frequency of car vandalism, damaging weather as well as accidents in your neighborhood. If you live in a place where accidents are prone, then your insurance is likely to be high. 2) Age The younger the driver, the higher the car insurance rates. This is because most auto insurance companies view young people as immature and novice. Young people are known to drive under alcohol influence, increasing the chances of accidents taking place. 3) Gender Males are prone to having car accidents as compared to females. This is because males are usually aggressive behind the wheels as compared to females; they rarely take precautions. Car insurance rates for males are likely to be higher than that of females. Some states allow auto insurers to...

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Loving the Elderly: How to Talk Your Parents Into Accepting Assistance Without Hurting Their Feelings

The need for self-autonomy is ingrained within human beings, even in old age. Therefore, you might find it hard to convince your parents that they need assistance. Convincing your elderly parents that they need help is a difficult task. First, you naturally feel guilty to tell them that you feel that they can no longer depend on themselves. This means that you are forced to assume such responsibilities, even if you have time constraints. Additionally, parents may feel that the introduction of external help will strip them of their independence. Eventually, you become overwhelmed and can’t balance between your...

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How to wrap your Christmas gifts so that they’re super special

Wrapping gifts is an art to master. It takes a while to perfect the skill and many of us haven’t quite got there yet. Fortunately there are a lot of simple tricks and methods you can use to help your gifts look amazing without having to spend a lot of time mastering a tricky skill. Here are some tips on making your present’s look dashing, with little effort required.  Decorative Tissue Paper If you wish to take out the step of using wrapping paper, why not wrap your gifts in some gorgeous tissue paper and place them in a...

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