Since the introduction of wheelchairs in the 1780s, the lives of the elderly and the disabled people got changed completely. They revolutionized the way people with certain disabilities regarding their mobility used to get from one place to one another. Wheelchairs, since their invention, have been a great companion for the elderly and disabled people. However, the same role is now being played by mobility scooters. Mobility scooters are small, slow-moving scooters which the user can control on his/her own. These small scooters are now changing the way how their users, the elderly and the disabled people used to travel. Anyone with any kind of mobility problems should try a mobility scooter. To get around while travelling, you can even fit a folding one in a car. They really help with mobility so that you can travel freely and socialise with others.

A brief history of mobility scooters

The mobility scooter was first invented and introduced in the year of 1968 when a plumber named Allan R. Thieme started a garage project to help one of his family members suffering from multiple sclerosis. After the sleepless nights he spent in his garage, he finally came up with a small yellow scooter that could travel at a speed of 3-4 miles per hour. It was actually the biggest invention in the mobility industry after 1933 when the first foldable wheelchairs were introduced. This marked the humble beginning of a product that is now changing the world of mobility options for elderly people and disabled people. Over the years, mobility scooters have evolved in many weird and effective ways. Nowadays, you can get a mobility scooter that is foldable, runs on electricity, and can be carried on a plane or car with you. Such a Foldable Electric Scooter can also reach enough speed for you to navigate the roads efficiently.

Technologies are evolving, and the automobile industries are not an exception. Vehicles are designed for people with disabilities, enabling them to drive. Custom-based companies alter the cars with user-friendly hand control devices to help older people. Using handicap driving controls, one can still follow dreams of taking long road trips.

How these scooters are changing the face of travel

The main reason motorised mobility scooters revolutionised the mobility industry is, you do not need anyone’s help in order to use them. You see, in case of wheelchairs, one could move someone else from one place to other in an easier way. However, it was quite strenuous and most of the times impossible for the users to use the wheelchairs by themselves. They always needed someone else to push their wheelchair for them. Although they could move from one place to another easily, wheelchairs didn’t make them totally independent in terms of mobility. This is where the mobility scooters shine. As they are motorised small scooters, no one needs to push them in order to transport someone. The users themselves can drive these mobility scooters and move around. This level of freedom which these scooters provide has made them necessary for people with mobility problems who love travelling.

Many places and shopping centres in the UK have already adapted to these mobility scooters. Many airlines now allow you to carry your mobility scooters for a small fee. As the world slowly but surely adapts to this new form of transportation, travelling around the world will continue to become more and more easy for the elderly and the disabled people.