Talking to a complete stranger about your problems may not seem that much fun, and for some people, it can seem downright scary. However, having an unbiased ear to unload all of your problems to, someone that won’t judge you for the things that you feel and say, can be really cathartic. It can help you get past your problems and find healing.

There are many reasons to seek counseling. Some people are pushed into counseling because of slip ups they’ve made, like because drinking and driving. Some people go of their own accord, simply because they want to better their lives or their relationships. Here are some cases in life when counseling may be a good idea.


If you are suffering from an addiction of any kind counseling can help you. It allows you to talk to someone about your problem, and they will work with you to find the root causes of your addiction. You will be able to let go of demons you’ve been holding onto.

For some addicts, counseling can be a required part of your outpatient and inpatient therapy process. It might not be easy to open up in the beginning, but once you realize how much better it feels to talk about things it will begin to get easier.

Family Problems

There are many reasons to get counseling as a family or as a couple. Marriage counseling is often recommended before someone considers getting a divorce. If you and your spouse or significant other are fighting often, counseling may help you figure out why.

Counseling is good for abused children and spouses, for families of addicts, and even in the event of the loss of a family member.


People suffering from mental illness can often benefit from a combination of counseling and medication. Medication can sometimes simply mask the issues, but going to counseling helps you get to the base of the problem and work through the things that are making you feel anxious, have anxiety attacks, considering suicide, and being generally depressed.

Work Or School Issues

If you’re struggling at your job or even at school, counseling could help you get back on track. Different types of counseling needs require different types of counselors. In college and high school, you’ll have something like a guidance counselor to go to, unlike an actual therapist.

For work issues or normal life problems, you could consider talking to someone like a life coach or a job coach. These people are trained in counseling as well, but in a specific area where you may need assistance. Mainly, a life coach is someone who can work with you in order to help you reach your highest potential in all facets of life, including your professional life. They can help you foster better relationships, increase motivation, achieve your goals, and more. If you feel like your work life might be falling to pieces, looking into a life coach london uk, or any other place, could be a good idea.

Most times, talking to friends and peers may seem like a good option, however, they aren’t trained to understand these things that are going on in your life or in your mind. You can still talk to them, but the help from a professional that has studied the things that are wrong in your life will be better equipped to actually help you.