Medical cannabis is changing the medical field and the way people think about prescription drugs every day.  More and more research is being done to focus on the medical benefits of the cannabinoids that are found in marijuana. The reduction of tumors is one of those avenues scientist and doctors are working toward determining if cannabis and its cannabinoids can have a direct effect on the tumor, tumor production and tumor destruction. If you do have a tumor that you are looking to treat with marijuana, there is a cannabis delivery company who will be there for you.

The Power in THC 

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the primary psychoactive ingredient, found in marijuana, has been discovered to have the ability to possibly reduce tumors that grow inside of cancer patients and make them ill.

Previous studies have concluded that the cannabinoids have anti-cancer properties. Research has found that THC helps to induce the death of cancer cells in the brain which leads to the growth speed of the tumor decreasing. Researchers also reported they noticed tumor shrinkage in breast cancer cells that are human. They found that the cannabinoid receptors responded with anti-cancer properties found in the THC.

What Does It All Mean? 

All this information means, there is a real intent focus on using THC to reduce tumor growth and replication throughout the body. This is promising news for those people who suffer from cancer or possibly may get cancer in the future. There is a direct correlation between the tumor and the healing properties of cannabis. More research has to be done, but those who are working on the studies feel it is just a matter of time before cannabis is not just used to soothe cancer patients, but heal them.

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