Invisalign is a revolutionary new treatment to help straighten your teeth, and it is simply just a soft, clear, plastic retainer that is easy to use and is practically invisible when you wear it.

What is the process of Invisalign?
Firstly, when we start the Invisalign process with you, the doctor will map out your teeth with 3D imaging technology which will allow them to make a mould for your teeth that is very accurate. This technology also plans out how your teeth will move during the process and what the end result will be, this also increases the accuracy and efficiency of the treatment.

When your teeth are mapped out and you are ready for your aligners, they will give you a few retainers to change every 1 or 2 weeks, which guides you through the different stages of your teeth’s development. You will only have to visit your local invisalign dentist for a check-up every 6 weeks, so this shouldn’t take up a lot of your time, and you would feel great at the end!

The benefits of Invisalign
There are many benefits that come with Invisalign, firstly, they are not painful to wear, and there is nothing that can break off, or scrape your gums. The retainer is made out of soft plastic material for comfort and looks very similar to your normal teeth as they are pretty much invisible. Patients who use Invisalign don’t only feel great at the end of the treatment, but throughout the whole process as well!

Maintaining your Invisalign aligner is very easy to do, and can tie in nicely with your usual dental hygiene routine. Before you brush and floss, you can just pop out the plastic tray and set it aside. To clean the aligner, you can just rinse it out and brush it with your toothbrush, it’s that simple! This means if you have been searching for a simpler and smoother alternative for metal braces, you can consider looking into Invisalign. This can be the one-stop solution for your dental needs.

The types of Invisalign are offered
At clinics like Aura Dental, they offer 4 types of Invisalign treatment. The first is Invisalign Comprehensive, which is more suited to mild or severe cases. On average, the treatment is done in 6-12 months.

The second is Invisalign First, which is designed specifically for children ranging from ages between 6 and 10 years old. This type of treatment focuses on developing the jaw and/or arch of the mouth to allow for room for incoming and existing teeth.

Another type is called Invisalign Lite, which focuses more on mild cases, and sometimes this allows for the patient’s treatment to be finished in as little as 4 months! This is very convenient for busier clients, but of course, your eligibility for this treatment depends on your oral health.

The final type is Invisalign Express, which is the mildest treatment, and this is for patients that don’t need loads of movement done to their teeth. This treatment only requires up to 7 aligners, varying depending on your level of need.