Orthodontics Weybridge is a form of dentistry that strives to not only straighten the teeth within the mouth, but is also used to amend overbites, reduce misalignment, and generally help improve the appearance of a patient’s smile!

Many individuals may be familiar with the term ‘orthodontics’, however, they may feel overwhelmed by the vast array of modern orthodontic options, now made readily available by many accommodating dental clinics.

Finding the suitable orthodontic braces for your situation

When thinking of dental care, traditional metal brackets and wired appliances may be the only form of orthodontics that comes to a patient’s mind. Despite conventional braces producing undeniably effective results within the field of orthodontics for many years, many patients may prefer more modern, and therefore more discreet orthodontic alternatives.

If you are a patient suffering from crooked, front protruding, or generally imperfect teeth, then clear aligners could be the perfect solution for your dental concerns!

Invisalign is a great option for those looking for something discreet, as it is almost invisible. It is also a lot more comfortable to use as it is removable. However, there are certain situations where traditional braces are preferred, as they prove to be more effective.

This is because they offer unparalleled control. Thus, providing a comprehensive and precise correction that is required for complex cases. It’s best to consult an orthodontist to get braces that best suit your needs. You can book a consultation at https://www.icarefamilydentistry.com/ or any other reputed clinic, to get started on your treatment plan.

The right orthodontic braces depend on various factors such as your individual dental needs and lifestyle choices. Keep in mind that the treatment that works for someone else might not necessarily be the ideal one for you. So, make sure to opt for one that best suits you.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are rising in popularity within the field of orthodontic dentistry and with good reason. Invisalign is just one of the many clear aligner brand providers now available at many modern dental clinics, but what makes this particular brand so effective?

The benefits of Invisalign clear aligners

Invisalign has provided patients with over four million happy smiles on a worldwide scale, despite these numbers speaking for themselves, clear aligners have many other benefits that are definitely worth shouting about!

Comparing Invisalign clear aligners to traditional metal braces

Conventional metal braces use a combination of effective metal brackets, and of course wires, this allows the braces to slowly apply pressure on the misaligned teeth, therefore producing a far straighter and happier smile for the patient.

Despite traditional appliances proving extremely effective when amending some of the most severe misalignment and overbite cases, many patients may feel as if something more discreet could work better for their smile, but what are the alternatives?

Learning more about Invisalign clear aligners

Clear aligners are essentially transparent plastic aligner trays which are custom-made for each individual patient. Clear aligners are not only completely unique, however they are also virtually invisible when in the mouth, therefore looking extremely subtle whilst effectively amending a patient’s dental insecurities!

What to expect from the clear aligner treatment process

Despite their rising popularity within the field of dentistry, many patients may be unsure of what to expect from their Invisalign treatment process. Much like any dental treatment, every Invisalign journey will start with an initial consultation.

During this introductory appointment the dental specialist will discuss the expected clear aligner process, whilst taking impressions of the teeth and showing a three dimensional image to predict the exact movements, and final results of the patient’s post-treatment smile.

How to take care of your clear aligners

Clear aligners are replaced every few weeks in order to slowly encourage the teeth to move into the desired position. It is suggested that patients wear the aligner trays for as long as possible within the 24 hour period, however they must be removed for cleaning of teeth, and eating too!