There has been a lot of focus and study on the smile and its influence on how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. Thanks to the colossal impact of social media and television on society, a high level of anxiety has been created about the appearance of smiles with 31 percent of those in the UK reported experiencing anxiety about the look of their smiles regularly. The stats in the US was even higher, with 40 percent of adults feeling unhappy with their smiles. This zeroed-in scrutiny of smiles, from how they appear to their ability to influence social judgments, has resulted in us feeling sensitive about our teeth.

This teeth anxiety issue may be due to the poor social perceptions awarded to those with non-ideal smiles. These individuals are unfortunate enough to be treated differently from their counterparts with a “good” set of teeth. They are also less likely to be successful in their professional and social capacities, and may have a lesser chance to earn a good income. It has even been found that poor dental appearance can be a legitimate barrier to a job applicant’s chances of getting hired. So, they may decide to opt for cosmetic dental treatments like the ones at or a similar portal.

On the list of cosmetic dentistry treatments are veneers, as they offer an effective solution for various teeth issues. They can close small gaps, align teeth, and correct imperfections like chipped enamel and discoloration. However, in order to achieve the desired results – improve the overall appearance of teeth – these treatments should be best left to an expert pair of hands, similar to this Washington DC dentist. With properly applied veneers, individuals can confidently showcase a beautiful smile and address their dental concerns effectively.

Getting into the details, veneers consist of an ultra-thin layer of dental material (the most commonly used are porcelain and a composite product) that has been custom-designed for a secure fit over the outer surface of the affected individual tooth. Should a composite material be used, this will be color-matched to ensure a seamless natural look.

The long list of plus points offered by veneers add to the appeal of this type of cosmetic dentistry. Teeth receiving treatment are said to look natural and healthy and due to being bonded to enamel with a specially-formulated strong adhesive, they are properly secured to the tooth and not likely to move out of place. Very little preparation is needed, even when the enamel of the tooth is too smooth or shiny, a small amount may have to be removed to ensure proper bonding takes place.

It is not uncommon for patients who like their smiles to believe themselves to have good oral health also. A healthy mouth is strongly associated with high levels of self-confidence, which in turn, influences how far one gets on in life. When an individual feels good about how they look, this confidence makes them more open to embracing opportunities. And it is one’s attitude on facing opportunities (you can welcome and explore them or you can shy away from them) that ultimately determines one’s success, no matter if it is for professional advancement or socially. Confidence in your smile opens you to smiling more, talking more and not being afraid to meet new people.

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