Dentists offer a variety of different orthodontic treatments within their dental practices, and these focus on straightening your teeth and improving their appearance. Orthodontics Navan could be the way for you to start your journey to a better smile. Orthodontic treatment always includes some sort of brace or aligner, and can be very effective in straightening your teeth.

ClearSmile aligners

One type of orthodontic treatment offered are ClearSmile aligners, these are comfortable, lightweight and made out of a clear plastic so they look nearly invisible. They are also removable, which means you can easily take them out when you eat, and they are very easy to maintain.

Firstly, the dentist will have an initial appointment with you, to make sure that ClearSmile aligners will be the right choice for your teeth. After this, they will take impressions of your teeth, this allows them to make an accurate mould for your aligners. They normally also use a program which creates a simulation of the different stages of the process, and shows what the end result will look like.

The whole process can take from 6-24 months depending on your needs, and during this time you will be given multiple custom aligners to change every week or 2. You can do this from the comfort of your own home, which is beneficial for patients who have a busy schedule. You will need to come in for a new impression every 6 aligners to make sure they are as accurate as possible throughout the whole experience.

Inman aligners

These aligners are more suited to patients who want a quicker result to help improve their smile. After an initial appointment to discuss whether Inman is right for you, a dentist will begin the process. The main appeal of these aligners is that there is only one fitting, so you won’t have to get it changed regularly. It usually takes between 6 and 18 weeks to complete the treatment.

The aligner is made out of a coil spring that is connected to two aligner bows on each side of the mouth. These bows gently oppose each other, allowing for the teeth to be moved into the correct position. Although it is gentle, it is very quick and effective, and can bring a lot of movement to the teeth in a short period of time.

Six Month Smiles

This method aims to achieve results within 6 months, and this is done by wearing a clear brace for this time period to help move the teeth into place. After an initial appointment to assess the teeth and discuss your needs, your dentist will apply your braces. The benefit of them being clear is that you can barely see them when they are on, giving you more self-confidence!

Most patients love this type of orthodontic treatment due to the effectiveness and speed of the process. It also focuses more on the aesthetics of the teeth that show when you smile, rather than the positioning of your bite, which also speeds it up. Some patients will also choose to have teeth whitening done at the end of the process to further enhance and brighten their new smile.

All dental treatments carry risks, make sure you are aware of these before starting anything with your dentist. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions.

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