An electric blanket contains electrical heating wires that warm up when the blanket is turned on. There are several different types of electric blanket, and you can use them with anything from a traditional bed to a luxurious adjustable bed.

Having that comforting warmth available when you want to drop off to sleep can be nice for anyone, but it’s particularly beneficial for those suffering from mobility problems, and here are just a few reasons why.

Soothes the Muscles

If you suffer from mobility problems, you’ll probably have long since discovered how effective heat can be at reducing pain. In fact, you’ll probably notice joint and muscle pain growing worse when your body gets cold. This is because the muscles tend to stiffen and contract under such conditions. During the day, you may find something like this heated cbd pain relief uk to be useful but, at night, it’s more difficult to maintain a constant state of warmth.

When you keep your body nice and warm, blood flow increases and muscles start to loosen, so you should wake up feeling nice and limber. Having mobility problems often makes waking up a chore since your body has been immobile for so long. When you sleep with an electric blanket, you shouldn’t feel as stiff in the morning.

Easier Sleeping

Homes tend to cool down during the night, and it can be hard to get the heating just right. As such, you’ll often suffer from cold snaps during the night. Those cold snaps can wake you up, and that’s a real problem if you have mobility problems since falling asleep is probably already tougher than it used to be. If you want to sleep the whole night through, picking up an electric blanket is a good idea.

Advanced Warming

You might be thinking that your bed stays relatively warm throughout the night even without using an electric blanket. Even if this is true, you’ll still probably end up thanking yourself for buying one since you can turn it on just before turning in to have the bed warm before you even slip between the sheets. This is great since your body never gets a chance to cool down and stiffen up.