For many people visiting the dentist can be a really daunting prospect, childhood trauma,  inherited family fears or previous bad experiences can leave you feeling like you can never, ever, set foot into a dental practice again. But there are things you can do to help take the pressure off and move forward into a better relationship with the dentist.

Why is it important to rebuild my confidence with my dentist?

Lots of people put up with nagging toothache, bleeding gums or an unsatisfying smile for far too long and often the pain becomes too much to bear, or maybe even teeth begin to fall out. This all sounds very worrying, but in truth it is the reality. Poor dental hygiene can lead to a multitude of issues and just because you’re experiencing symptoms that aren’t visible or painful doesn’t mean you aren’t developing problems. If you were to visit a dentist Welwyn Garden City for a quick check-up they would quickly be able to spot any early stages of gum disease or decay. Having these problems treated early is far better than leaving it till too late.

Of course there is also the benefit of what having a healthy relationship with your dentist could do to the cosmetic elements of your smile. Maybe for years you’ve wanted to straighten your wonky tooth or lighten and brighten your pearly whites, but just haven’t felt ready to take the trip to the chair. Working on your dental anxiety could lead to you finally getting the smile you’ve dreamed of.

What steps should I take?

First things first, you need to find a dentist that suits you – there’s no point just hoping for the best and booking anyone. Take control and do your research, look at reviews and ask around your local neighbourhood. There are several nice dentists that you could talk to on the phone before you go see them in person. Places such as Tryon Family Dentistry or others like it are great if you would like to go there with your family to reduce anxiety. Once you’ve picked a dentist you like the look of, visit the surgery before your appointment. It’s always good to get the feeling of a place beforehand, so you have no anxieties about getting to the right location at the right time or feeling like it’s not a happy environment.

The practical things that can help – book early in the morning, there’s no need to spend the whole day worrying about the appointment. Take a friend or loved one, dentists are usually more than happy for you to have a supporting person with you. Start nice and simple – try a check-up or maybe a deep clean. Ask the dentist to explain the treatment and the process of what they’re doing, any good dentist worth their salt won’t mind doing this. Ask for a hand gesture you can use to make sure they can stop at any moment – you are in control. You could even keep headphones in for a calm soundtrack or a list of your favourite tunes, whatever you need to take your mind off the action.

Just remember your dentist wants to help you – they love looking after people’s teeth and they never want to cause anyone any stress or harm.