Teeth are designed to work in unison. When one is removed, the others are compromised, which isn’t good for an individual’s overall oral health. They can be compared to soldiers in the way that they are always under attack. The battlefield that is our mouth depicts an ongoing war on acid and bacteria attack, the substances that will cause cavities in otherwise healthy teeth.

The enamel, or armour, is what defends a person’s teeth from cavities and once this has been worn down, then trouble can start. By keeping the armour protected in every way possible, individuals and dentists are ensuring that teeth can remain healthy for as long as possible.

For in one way or another, teeth can be lost. When they are, then the remaining teeth are left open to attack. By replacing lost teeth in a permanent and safe manner, patients can make sure that they are supporting their dental health, so that they can continue on this important battle against decay, enabling their mouths to be healthy for far longer into old age.

One way that patients can replace their teeth is with dental implants in Bromley. This treatment is frequently chosen by dentists as a great option for people of all ages who are looking to gain confidence and full functionality of their smile again.

By speaking with their dentist regarding their personal situation, patients are able to determine what the advantages and potential disadvantages will be with regard to this treatment system. There are many different ways in which this treatment can be styled to be beneficial to their needs, so by discussing the different ways in which the treatment can be approached, a patient can find a plan that will suit them.

How are the different ways that this treatment can be offered?

It all depends on what condition a person’s mouth is in. This treatment can be used for single tooth implants, for multiple missing teeth and for denture stabilisation, sometimes coupled with additional treatments to ensure longevity and stability.

For single missing teeth, a tooth implant is often the most logical method. It allows patients to be confident knowing that their replacement tooth will be as permanent as their original one and because the treatment lasts over decades of use, it often does not need to be reconsidered.

When it comes to many missing teeth, people can choose between an implant or a plate to have all of their teeth back and keep them smiling. Personal circumstances will have a big factor on which system is preferrable, however implants can again give patients that confidence and comfort in knowing that their bridge will stay in place.

Denture stabilisation is where four implants are positioned around the mouth on the top and bottom jaw and are used as anchors for dentures to be positioned on. Patients are able to remove and replace their dentures whenever they wish and this leaves them feeling free to eat what they want to, and to laugh and talk with confidence knowing their teeth will not slip out.