If you are trying to be a healthier individual, then carrying excess fat around the waistline is often mooted as not healthy for us.

A simple search online for ‘CoolSculpting near me London’ will bring up an alternative method of recontouring the waist and help you on your fitness journey towards good health. Because at the end of the day, a healthier waist size can be important.

The following article will explain what CoolSculpting is, why you should possibly consider it.

What is CoolSculpting and why you should consider it?

CoolSculpting freezes fat cells found beneath the skin. In areas like the ‘muffin-top’, this is an ideal location for the CoolSculpting treatment to work efficiently.

The fat cells will freeze, shrivel and die after the procedure. In the weeks to come once you’ve had it done, you should begin to notice slight differences around the waist. Re-contouring is the aim of the treatment plan. This treatment alongside a regular exercise regime is a great way to keep your waist trim.

An impressive feature of the CoolSculpting process is that it’s non-invasive meaning that you won’t need any recovery time after the treatment.

How safe is CoolSculpting?

There are two main reasons explaining the safety of CoolSculpting.

Reason 1: There is no surgery, meaning the risks associated with surgery do not apply to CoolSculpting. Once your procedure has been carried out, you can continue with your normal activities.

Reason 2: The CoolSculpting treatment plan was first FDA approved in 2010, but by 2012, the treatment was given the green light for tummy procedures. This is a good indication of how safe the procedure is.

Can I do CoolSculpting on my waist at home by myself?

This is a highly discouraged practise – all CoolSculpting procedures need to be conducted by trained professionals. These individuals have the theory behind the procedure, and they have completed hundreds of procedures which adds to their overall experience.

CoolSculpting near me, London: researching skin clinics

Before you undergo your procedure, make a point of researching your skin clinic and look at patient reviews. These can be found on the actual skin clinic’s website – look for before and after pictures too – or you might find them on social media.

Use this time of research to network with people via social media to ask them about their experiences and if they have any tips for you as you before you go to your own CoolSculpting appointment.