The holiday hotspot of United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a city full of high rises and shopping malls. The city has transformed itself from being a simple desert outpost to a destination for travellers from all around the world. Every year thousands of tourists flock over to this beautiful desert city to shop their hearts out, catch some excellent sunshine and enjoy fun times with their families. Many people even relocate here to settle down and enjoy the amazing lifestyle.

So, you might have recently moved to Dubai, purchased a home with the help of real estate platforms like Zoom properties (, and made yourself comfortable at your new job here. Now you might want to explore the magnificent city but you don’t know where to start apart from the glamorous Burj Khalifa. However, apart from all the glamour and glitter that Dubai has in store for you, the city also has a lot of cultural experiences and things that you can try out while you are here. Here are five attractions of this city which you must visit to enjoy an unforgettable holiday to Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the most popular landmark in all of Dubai. Till date, it is the tallest building in the whole world which makes it one of the must-visit attractions in the city. The building has an observation deck on the 124th floor. Visiting this observation deck is a must visit attraction for most of the travellers who come to Dubai. The incredible vistas of the city’s skyline which you get from here are truly unforgettable. Visiting the observation deck during the night is particularly popular, as you get to see Dubai’ famous city-light panoramas, which calls for a brilliant photography session.

Dubai Mall

The next must-visit attraction for anyone who visits Dubai is the Dubai Mall. This huge mall is the best mall in all of Dubai, and the mall also provides entry to two of the most important and popular sites in the city, the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Aquarium. There are a plethora of upscale shops and restaurants in the mall, and you will be able to shop and eat as much as your heart wants while you are here.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is located in the Al-Fahidi Fort. This great museum is one of the most important jewels in Dubai’s crown. Built in 1787, this fort itself is a great attraction of Dubai. The fort walls are built with coral-blocks, the upper floor which is supported by wooden poles and ceilings made with palm fronds, the Al-Fahidi Fort showcases the traditional way of constructing a building in this desert. You will get to see old maps of the Emirates and the city of Dubai while entering the museum itself. The museum showcases a ton of displays and artefacts which let you know about the traditional way of life in Dubai.

Bastakia Quarter

The Bastakia Quarter or the Old Dubai area is simply a fascinating area where you get to have a taste of the old life of Dubai. Built as the homes of wealthy Persian merchants in the 19th century, this beautiful location of Dubai lets you catch a glimpse of the Old Dubai life. The buildings are particularly well preserved. From the beautiful houses to windpipes which used to be a really early form of air-conditioning, you will get to see a lot of things in here.