Canada, the second largest country in the world, has been attracting thousands of travellers from all over the world with its rich history and breathtakingly beautiful yet diverse landscapes. From highland tundras to lush forests to arid deserts to huge mountains to beautiful beaches, you will find something or the other in Canada which will catch your fancy. The vast landscape of this country has a lot to offer to its visitors, and it takes at least a few months to properly explore the beauty and culture of this country. Also travelling through Canada can be pretty cheap if you can find a good deal on a flight. There are a lot of attractions to see and places to explore in Canada. And if you are someone who is planning to visit Canada for a vacation, here are three great places which you must explore during your vacation.


Situated on the west coast of Canada, the city of Vancouver is one of the must visit places when you travel to this country. The city is a part of British Columbia, and the city is famous among the travellers for its striking backdrop of the Coast Mountains on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.  Moreover, you will surely fall in love with the cosmopolitan vibes and the easy-going lifestyle of this city. One of the great things about Vancouver is, at one moment you can be enjoying the metropolitan beauty of the busy streets, and within the next ten minutes, you can go for a hike into the mountains. Along with all of these- the lively people, the excellent food, the gorgeous weather – literally everything about Vancouver makes it one of the must-visit destinations in Canada.


Situated just at a short distance away from Vancouver, the Whistler ski-resort is another must visit place when you travel to Canada. It is the largest, and most famous ski destination in the whole of North America. Located in a beautiful valley between two mountains, Blackcomb and Whistler, this beautiful place will pamper you with a ton of things to do. Although famously known as a ski destination, you can actually visit Whistler at any time of the year. With so many attractions and activities, a summer spent in Whistler is no less exciting than spending a winter there. Even the two-hour long drive to this town is spectacular, as you get to ride along the most scenic drive in Canada, the Sea-to-Sky Highway.


The east-central Canadian province of Ontario is a must visit the place during your vacation in Canada. The world-famous Niagara Falls is located right at the border of this Ontario region of Canada, and New York of the United States of America. The Ontario side of these spectacular falls offers you the most scenic views and the best attractions. The area surrounding the falls has a ton you things to do where you will find observation towers, restaurants, souvenir shops, casinos and high-rise hotels. Do remember to visit Queen Victoria Park to view the falls get illuminated with lights and the fireworks display during the summer.