When you have paid out-of-pocket for cosmetic surgery, you expect to get the results you have worked long and hard to afford. It is a given that the NHS will not pay for any surgeries classified as cosmetic but will, at times, pay for reconstructive surgery if it is necessary for a patient’s health going forward.

Even so, whether the NHS covers the surgery or you have paid for it, you should expect Duty of Care, which is a legal obligation of all doctors, dentists, surgeons and medical professionals across the board. If they fail to give you the care you deserve, including cosmetic surgeries gone wrong, you have a legal right to file a medical malpractice claim.

Advances in Cosmetic Surgery an Underlying Issue

There was a time when cosmetic surgery dealt with simple things such as a tummy tuck or perhaps a facelift. These are the forerunners of today’s advances in cosmetic surgery, which has often gone hi-tech but with increased risks to the patient.

Some surgeons are simply not up to the task and should never attempt surgeries they were not trained in when they were studying their field. Sometimes a medical negligence claim is the result of a doctor working beyond their level of expertise and if this can be substantiated, you do have good grounds to file a claim.

Some of the Most Common Cosmetic Surgeries

When you look at the list of some of the most common cosmetic surgeries, you will immediately understand why medical negligence solicitors in the UK are being kept very busy. In fact, you have seen pictures in the news and tabloids of many of these surgeries gone wrong. Common surgeries and surgical procedures include:

  • Liposuction
  • Botox injections
  • Breast augmentation or reduction
  • Rhinoplasty (Commonly called a ‘nose job’)
  • Eyelid surgery

And that is just a sampling of the most common cosmetic surgeries people are paying for today. Two of the most common of those that result in claims are Botox injections and breast augmentation.

Common Grounds for Medical Negligence UK Claims

Can you remember all the pictures circulating the internet of drastically swollen and bruised faces resulting from Botox injections? Some women are scarred for life as a result of Botox injections and, unfortunately, medical negligence was at the heart of the disfigurement. From television talk shows to horrifying photos online, women have stepped forward to talk about their experiences with cosmetic surgery gone wrong and how they handled it with their medical negligence lawyers.

The point being made is that cosmetic surgery is becoming much more commonplace as Boomers and Gen Xers seek the fountain of youth. Some cosmetic surgeons who should be qualified to undertake these procedures simply aren’t keeping up with the times. This is medical negligence, pure and simple, and is often the grounds for a major lawsuit.

If you have been disfigured or harmed in any way by a cosmetic surgeon and feel it was the result of medical malpractice or negligence, you have a right to expect compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured and continue to endure in the future. If you are unsure how to file the claim, you can get in touch with a reputed medical malpractice lawyer Atlanta, or wherever you are based.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery certainly takes a lot of courage, money, and months to make mind for it. And after all that, if something goes wrong, people should be aware of their rights to bring things back to normalcy.