Wrapping gifts is an art to master. It takes a while to perfect the skill and many of us haven’t quite got there yet. Fortunately there are a lot of simple tricks and methods you can use to help your gifts look amazing without having to spend a lot of time mastering a tricky skill. Here are some tips on making your present’s look dashing, with little effort required.

 Decorative Tissue Paper

If you wish to take out the step of using wrapping paper, why not wrap your gifts in some gorgeous tissue paper and place them in a lovely gift bag.

Tissue paper is super easy to wrap and can be secured in place with a little bit of tape. You don’t even need to do it well, it will still look dashing. You could even secure the tissue paper with pretty stickers if you have any.

Take it that extra step further by ordering personalised gift paper. You can choose to add a little measure, some pretty images, or absolutely anything you would like. This will make your gifts just that extra bit special and make your friends and family feel much more valued.

Customised Christmas Boxes

Why not customised some gift boxes and put your gifts in there instead. You could hand decorate them so that each box is tailored to the person you are giving them to or you could have them customised with a pattern or Seasons greeting.

Gift Bags            

Another great idea would be to make customised Christmas gift bags. You can either go for a simple plastic bag or go all out and customise a laminated bag with some fun image, this year’s Christmas photo or absolutely anything you wish.

Alternatively, you can make your own. Find some paper bags that are lying around (or make your own) and decorate them with seasonal things and whatever you have lying around the house.

To explore gifting options, visit Paper Bag Co and see all the wonderful packing options that they have available. This year will be a special one.