A rise and recline armchair is very easy to use and switching to one can help keep you mobile and avoid any unnecessary pain or strain. Of course, there are still some safety precautions you need to commit to heart before you start using your new chair.

Here are the most important lessons you need to learn.

Plug Straight into the Wall

You should always plug your rise and recline chair straight into a socket instead of using an extension lead. A lead is easy to trip over, and wires can be frayed more easily when they are spread out.

Leave the Transformer Free to Breathe

It can be easy to drop something over the external transformer and assume there won’t be any trouble. Unfortunately, the transformer can generate a lot of heat, and that heat will build up quickly if anything covers it. Play it save by giving the transformer plenty of room to breathe.

Turn Off the Remote When You’re Up

You could be heading into the kitchen or going on a three-week holiday – if you’ll be away from the chair, you should really either turn off the remote or take out the key. If you don’t, the chair could be accidently operated in your absence.

Check for Obstructions Before Lowering

Rise and recline armchairs are extremely safe, but it’s always possible for objects or even pets to get trapped underneath when they are lowered. That’s clearly something you should avoid, especially since the jolt of meeting an obstruction can jeopardize your safety, so check the space beneath your recliner is free before letting it lower you down.

Check the Chair is Level Before Operating

Whether your rise and recline chair has just arrived or you’ve moved it to a new location, it’s a very good idea to check the seat feels level before you sit down. If the chair isn’t level, it could tip or feel uncomfortable when you need to use the rise function.