There’s no denying that businesses now have to think about their environmental footprint, and plenty of eco-conscious retail businesses have been springing up and making changes to bring about a better world. If you’re one of those eco-conscious businesses, you’ll probably have given plenty of thought to bagging options. The old single-use plastic bags are obviously out, but what should you use instead?

Here are just four reasons jute bags might be the answer. 

1. Cheap and Easy to Grow

Jute is a natural product, and it’s an extremely easy one to grow and harvest. It’s actually a plant whose fibres can be dried in long strips, and it can flourish with very little in the way of water or chemicals. That makes it a great crop for communities living in poorer countries – they can grow something economically without having to damage their own environment. 

2. Sustainability 

Not every natural product is sustainable – you also need to look at how quickly it can grow back. Jute is wonderful in this regard since it can be grown all around the year and harvested every six months. In contrast, products like the timber needed for wood fibre can take decades to produce and cover huge tracts of land. 

3. Easily Biodegradable 

One of the main problems with traditional bagging materials is that they don’t biodegrade or do so only over many years. Jute is different. Despite its strength, it’s 100% biodegradable and usually biodegrades in one or two years. You can even compost it yourself without any threat to the soil. 

4. Long Lasting 

Finally, bags made from jute are exceptionally strong and durable, which means customers can keep using them for years without ever needing a replacement. When something lasts a long time, it means more of those products don’t need to be made, and that’s always good news for the environment.