Sending parcels by mail is a great opportunity to send something for a long distance. To go, carryand spend time and money is not necessary. Enough to put on the mail, pay for the shipment and wait for the delivery time.

The main points of how to send parcels by mail

Here is a simple sequence of steps to send parcels:

Collect and add items to be sent. If you’re planning to send something fragile, then think about what you can pack it in order not to break. Especially in case of long distance deliveries, items might be moved around and hence, break. For example, companies that provide international freight or trucking services from the USA (check out usually tend to either provide packing instructions, or do the packaging of fragile items themselves.

We leave for the nearest post office. They come in different types, so you need to specify in advance what your attitude is. Some of them accept packages of up to 3 kg, some – up to 8 kg, and others – weighing more than 8 kg. In the morning on working days, there are fewer visitors to the post office, so you can do it faster if you come at that time. Do not pack the parcel in your box, as it will not be accepted for shipment. To send parcel to Italy from UK the following options will be perfect.

At home, put the item to be sent to the package, and in the mail, get the box. The maximum size of the cardboard box that can be purchased is 265 mm by 425 mm by 380 mm. If you assume that your package will not even go into this boxand then pack it in a one-ton bag or paper. Do not seal the mail box with your own scotch tape. When the parcel is accepted, the postal worker will seal it with a proprietary postal tape.

So it will be easier to pay for sending, since this is usually a small amount. Keep a check on the payment, because with it you can track on the Internet where your package is at the moment. It will be the time to take the cheapest courier services.

Types of parcels

Before sending a parcel by mail, determine its weight and dimensions. Parcels can be divided into the following types of these parameters:

  • Standard – packed in a conventional packaging and weighs up to 10 kg.
  • Heavy – also in the usual postal packaging, but with a weight of 10 to 20 kg.
  • Non-standard – departure with packaging of individual design, can weigh up to 20 kg.
  • Large-size – large or with a non-standard form a parcel weighing up to 50 kg.

Before sending a package to UK, do not forget to bring a pen to fill out forms and a passport. Be prepared for the fact that there are always queues at the post office. We fill in one letterhead for one parcel. When completing, carefully read each line. Be sure to write your address and the recipient. Before sending parcels by mail, make sure that you have a small amount of money with you.