The chances are, if you’ve visited any London hangout that’s frequented by cool, trendy youngsters, you’re going to have seen an item of clothing from Hype. With daring prints and unique designs, the clothing created by Hype is bold, distinguished and undoubtedly “out there”.

With young, fresh directors, the brand has focussed their clothing towards teenagers and twentysomethings, meeting the demands of their clientele who want something that boasts individuality but remains in-line with the latest fashions. Right now, there’s a lot of hype about this brand.

A Tale of Success

The creative people behind Hype started out in their bedroom, selling their printed t-shirts through their website. However, they now boast a huge warehouse in Leicester and have a lot more products on offer, including leggings, hats, backpacks and sweatshirts, which are available at places like Skate Hut Limited.

Liam Green was studying graphic design at De Montfort University when he set up the label in May 2011, with his friend Aidy Lennox. Taking an image of Einstein and doctoring it by giving him a tattoo, nose ring and ear-stretchers, Green submitted his artwork to a number of merchandising competitions.

In just two months, they’d won some free shirts and they’d sold all 150 of them in a week, priced at £10 each. Two new designs, a website and Bav Samani (another business partner) were all added to the brand by December 2011.

Social Media Hype

With over 600,000 likes on Facebook, over 20,000 followers on Twitter and over 100,000 followers on Instagram, Social Media has been a breeding ground for Hype’s success. Posting hints of what’s to come, snapshots of new ranges and lifestyle images, they undoubtedly build a “hype” around their collections.

One of their recent collaborations has been with Barbie, bringing a range of ladies sportswear that unites the distinguished elements of the Hype brand with the pink, fashion-forward design of Barbie. This contemporary collection features leggings, crop tops, vests and sweatshirts, in blacks, whites, greys and pinks, which all feature the Barbie brand.

While Green confessed that he thought the brand would be an underground one when he first set it up, they continue to develop themselves as a renowned streetwear brand with a number of defining features. And, with Green himself being so young and on-trend, it’s clear that they’ll continue to live up to the hype for the foreseeable future, paving new ways for their fashionable followers.