I am your typical Brit to a tee. There is nothing I love more than a rainy Sunday, and then moaning about the terrible weather on the Monday. It is the British way. I love cups of tea, Coronation Street and country walks.

So, when the parents told me they were going to afternoon tea, I just had to tag along. Now, it’s not just the cakes and scones that swayed me to book on, but the fact that it is a unique, traditional dining experience that is steeped in English history.

They were going to celebrate their anniversary – so I suggested all the family came along. Little did I know when I offered to go that they were booking a city centre hotel in Liverpool, but they booked us all on anyway.

We stayed at 30 James Street, which was once RMS Titanic’s port of registry – and it’s this history that has inspired the hotel’s Titanic-themed rooms. I stayed in the Wallace Harley suite, which was absolutely breath-taking – and is named after the Titanic musician who continued to play with his bandmates until the ship sank.

After we took a stroll around our rooms, we went for dinner on the rooftop Carpathia Champagne Bar & Restaurant. I had a chicken burger and chips – because I’m not sophisticated in the slightest, whilst my mum, dad and brother opted for the steak.

It was delicious – and the thing that made it better had to be the view. Oh, and the few cocktails I had in between were also pretty great, too. It was the perfect way for us all to experience the city, because we got to look out onto Liverpool’s waterfront, watching ferries come and go.

The next day we went shopping in Liverpool One. Well, I say we, I meant my mum and I. My dad and brother went to a pub to watch the match. I don’t know what it is about Liverpool, but the range of clothing just seems so much better than in other cities. I could actually live here.

Once we were shopped out, we all returned to the hotel and went back up to the Carpathia, where we enjoyed a spot of afternoon tea. Now, I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and Carpathia’s afternoon tea most definitely lived up to expectation and then some.

I’m a big believer that the crown jewel of afternoon tea has to be the traditional jam and cream scones – and, despite competition, their scones were delicious. Some people say your cream should go on first, and other will say you put your jam on first.; all I care about is that both are on my scone.