There is a particular charm surrounding millennials and their hobbies. Whilst generations before us embraced new technology and shunned the pastimes of their grannies, some millennials are delving into more traditional hobbies like knitting, baking and bingo. The latter is becoming increasingly popular amongst younger people, with recent demographic reports stating that 59% of UK-based online bingo players are aged between 18 and 45. This indicates an increase of two thirds over the past decade, but why have millennials become so interested in a game that was once reserved for pensioners and grandmothers?


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The Online Element

Bingo is enjoying a particularly interesting renaissance right now, most probably due to the fact it has established an incredible online platform. There are hundreds of online bingo sites that cover every sort of theme or genre you can think of, each with engaging content, promotions and staff. Some sites are so popular that they attract celebrity ambassadors, such as bgo where you’ll find both Paris Hilton and Verne Troyer. Needless to say, the combination of tech and star power has gone a long way towards attracting a younger crowd.

Of course, the accessibility of online sites cannot be understated either. In the past, bingo players had to wait for scheduled events at their local clubs but now anyone can access their online accounts any time they feel like playing.

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The Social Aspect

Although the Internet is undoubtedly a huge part of bingo’s growing success, there was an increase in young attendees as early as the 2002. At first, many young adults started visiting bingo halls ironically, but soon caught the bingo bug when they discovered how social and fun it is, as well as all the prizes on offer that soon made a night out worth it.

Now, bingo sites continue to focus on the social element just as much as they do the games and promotions. Whilst other online activities like shopping or researching are solitary experiences, the majority of bingo brands understand the importance of social interaction in both online and physical situations. A lot of sites like bgo Bingo, which have their own special lingo and enable players to win prizes via talking to others. For instance, Lollipop Bingo offers a variety of chat games from Anagrams to Name The Movie games, whilst Velvet Bingo use chat games to fill the gaps between bingo games. By allowing their players to connect with others, chat throughout games and ask other friends to come join them, they have enhanced the entertainment and reinforced their appeal.


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The Bingo Bliss

Obviously, both the online and social aspects of bingo would mean nothing if the game itself lacked charm and enjoyment. While other games like online poker are more serious and require skill, bingo is a game for anyone. Bingo players all enter a room at the same level, there’s no learning curve and everyone has an equal chance of winning. These elements, plus the social and accessibility factors, ensure that everyone who gets involved is sure to have a fantastic time whether they’ve been playing for years or minutes.

Needless to say, the era of old ladies and echoing bingo halls may be coming to an end, and we are now seeing an entirely new generation taking up their digital markers to keep the game alive.