Have you ever wondered why it is that after all these decades and centuries of technological and medical advancements, some of the simplest things which come straight from nature tend to do the job much better than any synthetic solution? Going outside to “get some fresh air” or “clear your head” seems to do the trick in rejuvenating you much better than what any over-caffeinated energy drink offers.

Beyond that, nature seems to have the best solutions just for some of the finest pleasures for us to enjoy. I mean it doesn’t matter who you are — no perfume-fragrance, no matter how expensive it is or which celebrity it’s endorsed by, beats the scent of the damp earth when a few drops hit the ground and the wind blows in your direction. In the same way that nature takes care of some of the greatest of life’s pleasures, it steps in to deliver some of the simplest solutions to ailments which would otherwise prove a bit heavy on the pockets if we went the modern medicine route. This time I’m talking about a simple natural solution to treating something like diarrhoea — simply drinking about a litre of water and then just enduring the discomfort of running to the toilet every five minutes for the next hour or two works much better than getting an over-the-counter solution.

So I guess that’s what Mother Nature’s message to all of us is, that we should sometimes just keep things simple. There’s definitely no harm in embracing technology and its development. After all, tech is developed to make our lives easier in some way or the other. In many ways, we’ve become a bit too fixated on developing technology for the wrong reasons. Apart from perhaps the best technology being developed for sinister reasons, through the military programmes of many power-hungry states, what often passes for technological advancement these days does nothing to make our lives easier in any way. If you hear about a new technological advancement it’s likely just a new website or app which lets people do what they’ve essentially been doing much easier perhaps.

There’s also no harm in endeavouring to beef up your skill-set a bit by perhaps learning how to code, but if you just take the time to go outside, look around your immediate environment and then challenge yourself to try and do the simple things a little better with some exciting idea hacks, it’ll probably make for a much more rewarding experience. Instead of buying that gimmicky lawn- paint to make your lawn look unnaturally green during the winter months (when it’s supposed to be brown), try sectioning off a portion of your garden to planting an organic vegetable patch or something of that nature.

Mother Nature definitely knows best and in some way or other, a lot of what we buy as canned, packaged or processed solutions for what we believe to be convenience are only an idea hack away from being available almost completely free.

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