Cosmetic dentistry in Clapham is the specific term for any dental treatment that is purely for aesthetic purposes, and to improve the appearance of the teeth. In many ways, good general dentistry will touch on cosmetic dentistry slightly, as teeth that are healthy will look their best. It is important therefore to maintain a good dental hygiene and to make sure that you come for regular check-ups to ensure you have healthy teeth.

General dentistry

General dentistry is important for keeping up the health of your teeth. A good dental hygiene routine is important for maintaining oral health and is at the forefront of preventive dentistry. It is crucial that you maintain a good hygiene routine so that cavities can be kept at bay, as one of the biggest factors of tooth decay is neglect. If the teeth are left uncleaned for long periods of time, then bacteria can prosper, and decay can begin.

Teeth that are decaying can also become discoloured, and even be lost, which can be extremely unsightly. Therefore, people who have had these symptoms may be looking at ways to improve their smile and restore it to what it once was.

Smile makeover

Many dental practices will understand the importance of a smile makeover, and how it can contribute to a complete transformation of your appearance. A smile makeover is ideal for patients who might not know exactly what they want but know that they want their smile improved. A smile makeover is essentially a consultation, that will result in a variety of treatments that will work to improve your smile and give you a makeover that will have you looking younger and brighter. Many studies have shown that a smile is the first thing that people notice about someone, so having an unattractive smile can be a downside.

Teeth whitening

One of the easiest and most effective forms of cosmetic treatment is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening uses a bleaching agent to soak into the teeth and turn the enamel into a paler shade of white. The treatment process will often use a tray, which is similar to a mouthguard, in that it will be moulded to your teeth to ensure that the bleaching agent stays in full contact for the entire process, so that it will be evenly and effectively administered.

Facial Aesthetics

Botox is another form of treatment that is offered by many dental practices and offers a fantastic solution to signs of ageing and wear. Botox is administered by dentists as they have experience and knowledge of how the face works and be able to apply the treatment in a way that complements the rest of your face. Botox works through injections in key areas, and once it sets into the face, it will relax acute muscles in the face, which will cause wrinkles to disappear and the skin to become smooth. If you are looking for ways to reduce signs of ageing, then Botox is ideal for this, so speak to your dentist whenever you can.