If you’ve been to more than your fair share of baby showers, your own included, you’ll be well aware of just how difficult it can be to pick out gifts, especially if your focus is more on the baby to come as opposed to the mum-to-be. The process of picking out a gift is in itself difficult enough, but the challenge is further compounded by the fact that you probably don’t want a scenario where you’ve picked out and wrapped a gift that’s exactly the same as someone else’s. I get it, it perhaps makes for a good bit of fun going shopping for a baby shower gift or two, but when it comes down to the actual process of checking a final option out, what could have taken a matter of minutes very easily turns into a couple of hours or more.

A Bit of Collusion Won’t Hurt

Look, as much as all the focus falls onto whomever it is who’s having a baby when their baby shower comes and goes, life does indeed go on and life gets really busy in these modern times. Traditions can be bent slightly with a bit of collusion amongst all the gift-givers. This would be for practical purposes and perhaps to avoid duplicate gifts, so you could just all get together and collectively go shopping for the baby shower gifts. In the end it’s about what’s best for the mother-to-be and the baby, so “colluding” can do a world of good in creating a nice balance of very useful and meaningful gifts. If you really want to maintain that element of surprise during the showering ritual, have the gifts you all bought wrapped by someone else, otherwise you can get pretty much all the appropriate gifts you want (and more) on an online platform like BabyThingz. You’ll have plenty of ideas to sift through, getting some good visuals of what you’re buying and in so doing you can very quickly and easily gauge whether or not they’ll make for good gifts.

Think for Both Mum and Baby

If your baby-shower gift-picking efforts are guided by considerations for both mum and baby, your job will be that much easier. Remember that a baby won’t have any memory or awareness of the fact that whatever they’re interacting with is known as a “present” and comes from Aunty Katie, but the baby’s mother will. So it ultimately comes down to practicality, but a little comfort won’t hurt either, so it’s okay to spoil mum a bit, especially if you have knowledge of what some of the other guests are going to buy as baby-shower gifts, however, remember that sometimes buying an elegant bunch of flowers from places like Floral Hub in Caulfield and other regions, could be a great idea because it will show that you care about them and also it is something thoughtful and beautiful for them to look at in their home.

All of that said however, it only takes a few minutes of putting some serious thought into it to come up with what will likely be a unique gift. Something like a footmuff/cosytoes will make for a great gift which will help baby get really comfortable (and oh so cute) without him/her even knowing it, and mum will be very happy as well.