Lighting is a matter of great importance in a home – particularly I a home with kids. Here are a few tips on how to make your home child-friendly through the effective use of lighting.



Having bright rooms in a child-friendly home is essential. Not only will a room feel more welcoming and provide a warmer and friendlier environment for children to feel comfortable in, bright rooms also help with safety which parents will understand plays a big day-to-day role. The brighter and well-lit a room is, the less chances of your toddler bumping and hurting themselves. A brighter home will allow you to see any potential health and for these reasons, you will also want as much natural light seeping through windows in your home as possible.

Flexible Lighting

Naturally, it’s not possible for a home to be well-lit and bright all the time. During the evening and night times you will require dim lighting, particularly when trying to get your child to sleep (we know how hard that can be). In case your dimmers do not work properly, you can contact your local electrician (maybe try this) who can get it fixed for you easily. Flexible lighting options are recommended and lights with dimmers being a good option. That way, one lighting option can serve the purpose of brightening or dimming a room without having to invest in a number of different lamps. It should also be noted that flexible lighting comes in beautiful designs, making your rooms look bright and beautiful. Lampcommerce provides a great choice of flexible lighting options and the Artemide range has the perfect lighting for child-friendly homes.



Children, their clothes, the toys and everything else take up a lot space. Your home may not be the biggest and you definitely don’t need the hassle of investing in lighting that is going to use up more floor area. Wall and spotlights are a great way to keep a room well-lit without having to take up any space. Ceiling lights are also another option, particularly hanging lights which come in different colours, shapes and sizes perfect for any home. Even if you do not have a lot of space, if you light rooms well they will in fact be looking bigger than they actually are!

Coloured Walls

One way of brightening a room is to paint the walls a bright colour which natural light will reflect off of. Red, orange, yellow and green are popular colours to paint a room and you will find that kids also react and engage better in brighter, more colourful rooms.


No Table-top Lamps

Table-top lamps are a health and safety hazard for kids and so they should be avoided. Cords are easily tripped over and should be left out of sight. This is another reason why lighting that is mounted on walls or ceilings are the safest and most convenient when choosing lighting options. As children get older you can begin investing in table and floor lamps suitable to place on desks such as modoola, and assist with reading and studying.

There are many ways to brighten your home and also ensure it is child-friendly. Safety should be your primary concern whenever you do lighting works of your home. So, consider hiring a professional like Dr. Watts Electric for lighting fixtures or replacements (for more information you can visit here, Always try to utilize the space available and do invest in effective lighting options, these will serve multiple purposes..