Some people like to cover their home with photographs. They have a series of family pictures on the walls, wedding pictures on the piano and pet pictures on the credenza. Others like moments frozen in time, but they don’t want to plaster their home full of picture frames. For these people, a frame that holds multiple photos is the perfect solution.

For the romantics there the ‘Rachel heart double’ frame. Its cream colour carries a shabby chic distressed finish and is perfect to display engagement or wedding pictures or just two people dear to your heart. Suitable for tables, desks or any other flat surfaces.

If you have three children or would like to display a child in three different poses, the ‘Paloma white triple’ would be the best choice. This design holds three square white frames attached to a white ribbon. The trio comes in two sizes.

For a family of five, the best choice would be the ‘Nielsen multi photo frame’. The frame is rectangular in design and is made of wood with a black matt finish. The main section of the frame can hold a picture of mom and dad, while on the side there is space for three children.

For a more extended family, there’s the ‘White multi photo frame’. This frame is particularly suitable for parents seeking to display their children at different ages or grandparents showing off their children and grandchildren.

For people with multiple pets, this frame is a favorite. The frame provides space for various shots of Fido or Fluffy, or the owner can display pictures of a pet from baby to adult.

The frame is equally suitable for wedding highlights, vacation shots, or any other type of memories. This rectangular frame in a white matt finish provides space for 9 rectangular landscape pictures and 2 portrait style pictures.

For people who like a playful design, there’s the ‘Utah 5 aperture’. This handmade frame provides space for two rectangular pictures, one square picture, one oval and one heart shaped. Designed in neutral and two shades of grey, this romantic design is just as at home in the bedroom, living room or kitchen.

If on the other hand a jumbled design is preferred, there’s the ‘Multi photo frame’. This design holds two portrait and two landscape frames. Rather than keeping the design symmetrical, the designer went for an odd cross-shaped style design. One or several of these frames would do very well next to a staircase.

For a more traditional look, there’s the ‘New England solid oak 4 aperture’, a portrait style picture frame that holds four landscape style photographs.

At Best4frames there’s plenty to pick and choose from. Whether you’re seeking a frame to display your parents, children, pets, vacation shots, or art images pictures come to life in a beautiful frame.

It’s really remarkable what the right frame can do for a picture. White picture frames give an uplifting effect, while black dramatically enhances. Both black and white are suitable in a modern environment, while neutral wood will do better in a contemporary home.