One of the factors that makes a house a home is the warmth it gives out when one enters a room, which is accomplished by letting the natural light in. Natural light has been proven to benefit people in various ways, such as making them more relaxed, happier and therefore, healthier.

Apart from the warmth (both literal and metaphorical one), sunlight also noticeably saves energy. Rooms that are showered with daylight tend to reduce the energy you would have used for electric lighting. They are also a lot more cosy, with you able to feel more at home.

Natural Light = More Productivity

When there is a lot of sunlight, you feel less tired, and as a result, you’ll be more attentive and find it easier to concentrate; all of this leads to significant increase of productivity. Therefore, it would be really practical if you were to make a home office on the main or the first floor of your house, rather than in a basement, where they usually end up, due to lack of space.

Light and Happiness Go Together

You know that standard chick flick scene, there’s a girl crying in a dark room with curtains and blinds shut? Well, if she could just open that window and let a little sunshine in, a lot of her sorrow would simply melt away. Light is commonly associated with happy thoughts. This is not a cliché, try to have your blinds pulled up as often as you can – your mental health will thank you.

In fact, there is a type of depression that goes by the name Seasonal Affective Disorder, that has an effect on many people in the winter when there’s not enough sunlight. It is believed that secretion of serotonin, the “happy” hormone, is increased during summer, when nights are short and days are long. It is recommended to have as much contact with natural light as possible, so open the curtains and, as the song says, “walk on sunshine” as much as you can.

Natural Light = Energy Booster

Rather than just improving your sleep, it is believed that natural light keeps your energy levels more stable through the day and it keeps the afternoon fatigue away. There’s a reason why the skyscrapers are covered with windows, rather than with concrete walls. The sunlight keeps the mind focused and, makes us more productive.

Ways to Brighten Your Home

One of the most efficient ways to let the light in is by installing residential roof windows, ceiling to floor windows or glass doors. Among the most popular trends regarding windows are the so-called “naked windows” used mostly in kitchens. Their beauty lies in the minimal use of window coverings, such as valances or drapes. This way, the window acts like a shift from indoors to the outdoors.

While we’re in the kitchen, an additional bay window will help maximize the flow of the sunlight and it will give the kitchen a luxurious look. A bow window, that is created by putting a few windows together in a gentle arch and projecting outwards, can create a beautiful backdrop for a kitchen table.

Another great way of getting the most out of available sunlight is by using the incredible bi-fold doors. They allow plenty of natural light to enter the house in addition to providing protection from the outside noise. To top it all off they give the room a nice and airy feeling, making it seem more spacious.

Natural Light Benefits Vision

Fluorescent light, computers and smartphones can cause eye strain which may lead to permanent eye damage. Daylight has shown to decrease the risk nearsightedness in kids and adolescents by helping the eye produce dopamine, which helps in healthy eye development.

For all these reasons, it’s important to make your home a warm, bright and cozy place with plenty of sunlight.