Wooden floors are naturally beautiful, elegant, durable and low-maintenance. In case you make sure you are maintaining them properly and you have a regular cleaning routine, wooden floors can survive for a very long time and you can enjoy them in flawless condition and appearance for decades. However, due to a number of reasons, but mostly due to everyday use, high traffic and heavy footfall, they start to experience wear and tear, no matter how good you look after them. There is nothing to worry about, if your floor looks a bit dull, sad and tired because floor sanding is the ultimate solution for bringing wood back to its initial glory and sturdiness. Out of all refurbishment, repair and restoration services, wood floor refinishing is the most popular and most beneficial one and it is highly recommended by the professionals.

There is nothing to worry about when considering such service. Back in the near past, sanding services used to have the reputation of being very messy and stressful. However, today’s technology and sanding equipment are way more advanced and thanks to this, the process comes with a minimized disruption to your day-to-day life and as much as 99% of the saw-dust being collected throughout sanding itself. So, don’t worry to unleash the natural beauty of your flooring that is hiding under the worn finish, dirt and dust build-ups and a number of imperfections such as scratches, dents and stains. Wood floor sanding is the ultimate solution to all the unwanted traces of everyday life left on the surface of the floor and also significantly minimizes the risk of all these minor issues growing bigger and causing more serious problems. If you need to get your floor sanded, it might be worth looking for one of the best floor sanding richmond va companies to complete this task for you. They can level out your flooring, making it easier to walk on.

Knowing what you can expect from the floor refinishing and restoration service and how you can prepare properly is the key to a smooth-running project and flawless final results. No matter if you decide to DIY the project, or hire professionals in “Midlothian Floor Refinishing” or similar services in your area, understanding a bit more about what sanding is, what to expect, and how you can avoid some common mistakes along the way is necessary. Of course, our aim with this article is not to turn you into the ultimate floor sanding expert, but a little bit of knowledge and experience never hurt anybody.

So make sure to consider these tips and tricks before rushing to the closest to you flooring showroom and hire a professional flooring contractor. You know what they say – once you did the preparation right, you are already halfway to your goals!

  • If you are planning a more serious home improvement project that includes more than the restoration of the flooring, make sure that all the other refurbishment and repair projects are finished, before you start with floor refinishing. Leave treating the flooring for last. In order to help you imagine the situation, simply envision that you start painting the walls after your wooden floor is perfectly sanded, refinished and looks flawless. You definitely do not want to take the risk of paint spills and other possible issues along the way, which will completely ruin your freshly improved wooden flooring and leave you in need of yet another restoration service.
  • There is not a perfect time of the year for resurfacing of the floor and sealing with a protective product. All year round is completely ok, however, professionals recommend that rainy periods and periods of time with higher humidity are not exactly the best time, so maybe rescheduling the refinishing service would be the better idea. In a nutshell, wood has a porous structure and moisture and humidity are the main reasons for wood responding to the changes in its environment. The porous structure will respond for sure and the floorboards will start enlarging and contracting. While this natural “movement” is nothing to worry about and your floor is completely capable to handle the situations itself and help its way back to its initial condition, a sanding service might have its negative impact on the “swollen” boards. In addition, even if your floor is in good condition throughout sanding, the floorboards will absorb a lot more moisture, because the pores of the wood open after sanding and this might result in a pretty damaging situation for your floor. To go even further into the topic, higher humidity will prevent the finish drying in time and the whole process will take a significant amount of time.
  • If you decide to complete the project on your own you have to be well prepared. This detailed guide might be of use for you. Bear in mind that cleaning the surface after each treatment with the belt sander is very important. Once the finish is stripped off, the bare wood underneath could be scratched very easily, so vacuuming up all the excess dust and washing the surface with a slightly damp mop is crucial. Furthermore, placing a few rugs strategically in a close distance to the refinished floor is a good idea for preventing more dust and dirt entering the room.
  • No matter how high the dust collection capacity of the advanced sanding equipment is, floor sanding will never be 100% dust-free. In order to minimize the stress and save yourself a through and exhausting cleaning afterwards, make sure to cover all furniture pieces, decorations, art and anything around the room with plastic sheets.

Now you have it, you are perfectly prepared for the upcoming floor refinishing service! The rest is in the hands of the team you are about to hire and there is nothing to worry about. So take your time, sip on your favourite drink, read a book, or watch a movie and soon you will be delighted to enjoy you flawless, brand new-looking wood flooring.