Home automation in the year 2018 is the pinnacle of efficiency. Who doesn’t need a little help around the house? Well, in this current period in time you don’t even need to clap your hands anymore to turn off the lights. Just pull out that handy smart device and you can access almost any appliance, electronic device, and even adjust the temperature of your home. As this fantastic technology advances, so does the ease and access of everything in your life.

Less Work More Play

Heating, air conditioning, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, lights, and even optimizing certain electronics to use solar power at different times of the day. The future is now and all of this is possible with house automation technology. This doesn’t influence laziness because time saved doing household chores can be spent on a workout.


Everybody loves music and with smart tech it’s as simple as pressing a button and hearing your favourite song in any room of your house, at any time. Or your family likes different music. No problem, simply play your desired music, in the appropriate room, through the right speaker, controlled with your phone. Perhaps you love movies. Films at home can be tedious, but with the best smart television (click here now) and the right setup and remote combo at your fingertips, it will only enhance your viewing pleasure going forward. You can use one remote to control all of your best pieces of technology, or probably just your handy smart phone. Never forget the remote again.

You can change the lighting to best suit your mood, or the tone of a specific film genre. I personally don’t like watching horror movies in bright light.

Security and Comfortability

These 2 ares go hand in hand. Once one is secure, they are always comfortable, and the same applies at home. You can comfortably watch your movies and television shows without any disturbances. If your delivery does come, you can get a notification through your phone, and view who is at your front door. This is police station safe. Say you’re on vacation. Want to check to see if you have any messages in your mailbox? Go ahead and look through that video camera once again… on your smart phone with your smart security. Once you get cozy and safe, you can turn your home’s lighting into a night mode to not only conserve energy, but to be even more anxiety-free.

Computers are Cool

These guys are everywhere. They may as well be controlling your house as well. You can’t stop them. Artificial intelligence is going to take over your fridge first… and then come for your Keurig. Just kidding… but you should really look into smart home technology, the only downside is that you might have too much extra time… or get too comfortable.