When it comes to the interior design and decoration of children’s bedrooms, dynamism is the name of the game. Kids can outgrow their bedrooms very quickly and so you don’t want to pour too much time and effort into doing the bedroom up with an explicitly age-specific style that will cost you an arm and a leg to firstly undo, and secondly, update with a newer, more contemporary style to match the child’s current age.

That said, this doesn’t mean you want to scrimp on really making it the type of utopia you would have been happy with if you were your child’s age. There’s no need to scrimp in any case because even the best looking and most functional children’s fitted bedroom doesn’t have to come at exorbitant costs if sourced from the right supplier. The likes of DM Design come to mind as a supplier of such solutions, which are also all about that dynamism emphasised.

Dynamic use of space

When children are still small, there’s perhaps nothing they appreciate more than having some nice open spaces to let their imaginations run wild in. So in the early stages of your child’s development, it’s perhaps not wise to completely fill their bedroom up with furniture pieces that eat up all the space. In fact, a small desk would probably do with one or two small chairs for immediate use and more stored somewhere else to be brought in whenever they’re needed. That, together with storage units is enough, otherwise there should be a lot of floor real-estate for them to spread their toys out on.

Dynamic design elements

Granted, you’ll want each subsequent design update to last as long as possible, which means that you’d be looking more towards timeless base designs from which to build on. The colour scheme of the room for example is something which can always be changed rather easily, but only if those changes are implemented through something like re-painting the walls as opposed to having to install brand new built-in wardrobe units. So while colours like pink are great for personalisation and perhaps even those which carry the theme of the kids’ favourite kiddies characters, you’d perhaps not want to use those colours on the built-in storage units themselves, but perhaps rather on the walls and even as posters or wallpaper.

That way you won’t have too much of a hassle effecting sweeping changes that can totally transform the look and feel of the room without spending too much money on structural updates. Lighting can make a big difference and is easy to change, for example. Try the custom editor on neonfilter.com to design a neon light especially for your kids that they can move around and change the colour of. This is what is meant by dynamic design elements.

Dynamic storage

When first commissioning the installation of built-in storage units, don’t be tempted to make provision only for the possessions your child currently has. Ensure there’s enough space for at least double what they currently have because they’ll definitely need it in future, perhaps even much sooner than what you may anticipate.

Well-made and well-fitted storage units have the same neat and tidy appearance whether they’re full or empty, so having more storage space for the future won’t take anything away from the design.

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