Your house is an extension of yourself. It must be in tip-top shape at all times so that when you have guests over you won’t be embarrassed about your home, and you can even show it off. Renovating your home can help make it more beautiful and modern too. You should give each room equal attention but be more aware of the most neglected parts of your home such as your bathrooms. Some bathroom projects you can do yourself, but if you have a more complicated job in mind, you could use Tom Moffett Plumbing for plumbing service in Orange County, or someone similar for wherever you are. By using a plumber for bigger projects, you can get that professional finish you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are the best renovation ideas you can try to improve the looks of your bathrooms:

  1. Shower pods

Shower pods are innovatively-designed self-contained shower cubicles that you can place in any corner of your bathroom. With its glass exterior, a shower pod will make your house look more modern and sleek. Shower pods are also leak-free, so you can install wood flooring and wood furniture in your bathroom without worrying that they will get damaged.

  1. Centred bathtub (if you have the space)

A bathtub will catch anyone’s attention, but when you place it in the centre of your bathroom, it will change the overall feel of the room. With the bath as the focal point, it will make your bathroom look more luxurious and improve the ambience of your home.

  1. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors

You can never go wrong with floor-to-ceiling mirrors. They work well in the bedroom, the living room, and in your bathroom as well. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors will make your bathroom look larger than it is. It will also make the bathroom look classier and more elegant. Installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors works exceptionally well when you want to accentuate your bathroom decor and add depth to space.

  1. Marble countertops

Marble countertops have never gone out of style, and they never will. They can make any bathroom look contemporary and feel more grandiose. They are easy to clean, durable, and easy to maintain, so you can make use of them even after a long time.

  1. White bathroom furniture

White bathroom furniture gives your home a more sophisticated feel. Instead of opting to purchase different coloured furniture, getting white bathroom furniture, like a white cloak stand or white bathroom cabinets, make your house look put together.

  1. Toilet WC units

Toilet WC units hide unattractive cisterns that ruin the charm of your bathroom. They can also save some space and make your house look sharp. Back to wall WC units are the most popular products homebuyers are looking for. You can combine them with other bathroom fixtures such as vanity mirrors, and they can be custom designed to fit right into your home.

  1. Bathroom accessories

It is always a good idea to organise your bathroom items. You must purchase the necessary accessories to make your home look polished. For example, you can buy a toothbrush holder, so you can avoid making your countertops look cluttered.

Getting these things will certainly make your bathroom look spruced up and will, therefore, improve the overall feel of your home. Bathroom being one of the most personal spaces one could own, it is always a good option to think about getting the assistance from experts in the said field so as to not mess up what you’ve in your mind. If you’re not sure where to start looking for plumbing services, try places like and similar pages.