When you are anticipating the arrival of your new baby and are gearing p for the big day that you’ll go into labor, it’s important to be prepared.  It’s recommended to pack a hospital bag well ahead of time so that when the baby is ready to come, and you need to head to the maternity ward, you can grab your bag and go.

Since you don’t know how long you’ll be staying at the hospital, it’s important to make sure you bring everything you’ll need.  You’ll also want to consider bringing a few extras which you may not have thought about which can enormously increase your comfort throughout the process.

Here are some of the most useful things to pack in your hospital bag to have ready to go when you start labor.



You’ll want to have a toiletry bag which is full of your basic beauty products.  That way you know you’ll have what you need to wash your face and use your creams rather than having to use industrial hospital soap.

While you probably won’t be wearing makeup during your hospital stay, unless you’ve got a professional team behind you, you may want to pack things like chapstick.  Your lips can get extremely dry during the process, and lip balm can be a lifesaver.


Extra Pillows

Although your hospital bed will come with a pillow, it may not be the most comfortable.  It’s a good idea to bring a few extras for propping yourself up and supporting the neck of your baby when you start breastfeeding.

Although these may not necessarily fit into a bag, you should store them alongside so that you know to grab them as you run out the door.


Bluetooth Speaker

Music is incredibly helpful when you’re going through labor.  It can help improve your mood and concentration and even help your baby settle once they arrive.

Bringing a little Bluetooth speaker which connects to your phone is the best way to bring music with you.  You can create a music playlist on the application of your choice and easily stream to the speaker from your phone.  



It’s helpful to bring a pair of slippers with you so that you can get around without having to put on shoes every time you need to get up.  Ideally, they should be backless so you can get them on without fuss while holding a baby.


Old T-shirts

The days following giving birth to your baby will likely not be very glamorous.  You may be spending a lot of time with your hair all over the place and your breasts leaking on everything you come into contact with.

It’s helpful to have a few extra old t-shirts with you which are comfortable, and you don’t care whether they get stained.