If you are at the point where your marriage has broken down and is beyond repair, you may find your thoughts turning towards a divorce. Prentice Family Law aredivorce solicitors in Weybridge who are always available to discuss your needs.

Relationships break down for many reasons, often we look to assign blame where none exists.The important thing is that when a marriage breaks down, all the correct legal procedures are followed, this will then allow both people in the marriage to move forward in life.

You want to find adivorce solicitor who you feel comfortable with. You need to feel listened to and your solicitor should listen in a way that is non-judgemental and is compassionate.

The costs of your divorce should also be kept under control, the solicitor you engage should always be clear and transparent about all the costs involved. Best practice would be that you are given a breakdown of all fees and costs every step of the way, allowing you to monitor the expense as well as budget for it.

What follows is a brief outline of the legal processes involved in a divorce?

Decree Nisi

Once you decide to file for a divorce, the courts will issue a divorce petition along with sending an acknowledgement of the intent to divorce for the opposing party to read. At this point you become known as the petitioner; the other party involved becomes the respondent.

The respondent must complete and return the issued petition, this is so they can show they acknowledge the divorce. This then allows the proceedings to move forward.

A copy of the respondent’s acknowledgement is sent to the petitioner or their solicitor. At this point the paperwork can be prepared as required to move your divorce to the next stage, it is at this point that a decree nisi may be issued.

Your solicitor should seek to make you understand that a decree nisi is a provisional decree of divorce. At this point you are still married, waiting for your divorce to be finalised.

Decree Absolute

The petitioner can apply to the court after six weeks and one day after the decree nisi is issued to finalise their divorce. At this point, they are issued with a decree absolute.

Once you have the decree absolute you are legally divorced, permitting you to marry again if you so wish.

Keep in mind

Here we have only outlined the basic divorce procedure. Any financial or childcare arguments arising from a divorce are treated separately, we would urge you to seek additional expert legal advice around any matters arising from your divorce.

Speak to a solicitor

If you find yourself heading towards a divorce, you need to contact a solicitor to start the legal proceedings.

Relationships are hard at the best of times, often you will find that when a marriage has reached the end, no one is completely at fault. It is time to stop looking at divorce as the end of a marriage, instead, focus on the new beginning this act can bring about for you.

The aim should be to make your divorce as stress-free as possible, allowing you to start planning how you want to move on with your life after your divorce is finalised.