It’s the age-old question asked by moms: can you have it all? Of course, in this instance, we’re not talking about having it all regarding the ideal family and work-life balance. Instead, we mean can you have children and also have a stylish home? Does having little ones mean you have to sacrifice your sense of design style?

The simple answer is, no. At the same time, it does require some smart planning and design to ensure you have the best of both worlds: your house full of kids, and a space that looks great.

Below are some key tips you can follow to make sure you have it all.

Consider Acrylic

Acrylic furniture has a lot of amazing characteristics that can also make it fantastic for child-friendly homes. Not only is it chic, stylish and it keeps a room feeling open and airy, but it’s also easy to clean and relatively durable. Acrylic furniture can include translucent items, as well as modern pieces that are various colors. Regardless, acrylic furnishings tend to be perfect for families with kids, yet your home will look like a showpiece at the same time.

Go For Durability and Quality Construction

A lot of moms feel like they’re better off buying cheaper furniture and décor items when their kids are younger, with the thought they’ll just ruin it anyway. What happens when you take this approach is that you choose lower quality items that tend to break and fall apart more quickly, so you actually end up spending more over the long-term. Sometimes a better solution is to buy more expensive, high-quality and durable pieces of furniture that can withstand wear and tear better than cheaper pieces. You’ll likely find with these items you’re not replacing them time and time again.

Designate Kid Areas

If you can corral all of the toys, games, and other items that tend to attract your kids to a room into one space, or a few spaces, it can be easier to make sure the other areas of your home are well-maintained. Create a play space, even if it’s just a corner in the living room, and encourage your kids to think of that area as their own.

Keep Spaces Open and Accessories Minimal

One of the best ways to maintain a kid-friendly home that also looks the way you want it to is to make sure you’re not over-furnishing or over-accessorising. Your kids need to have room to move around freely without knocking things over or breaking them. The fewer pieces of furniture you have and the fewer accessories, the better off everyone is likely to be. This is good from a style perspective because keeping things clean and simple is indicative of the coveted transitional style.

Choose the Right Fabrics

The materials you choose in terms of bedding, furniture, rugs and other upholstery can go a long way in durability and cleanliness. Try to choose fabrics with protection whenever possible, and if it’s covering something that will get a lot of use, go for a darker color.