Summer might be behind us, but there are a lot more reasons for staying in shape than just having the “perfect beach body”. Exercising to stay in shape is great for your overall health and is one of the healthiest pastimes you could have. And a big part of maintaining the routine is the motivation to actually break a sweat. There are many methods that can help you stay motivated, but most women say that it is nearly impossible for them to work out if they don’t have the right outfit that makes them feel and look good. That’s why so many women are after high quality tracksuits, leggings, tights and sports bras to make them feel as good as they can. So let’s see what this season’s trends are bringing in.

All-white gear

The trend this season, both on the high-end couture and in the gym, is the brightest one yet. White gear is filling up the store shelves and flying off them at the same rate, because there is something about that color that just makes us feel completely energized and ready to take on any challenge. But the popularity of the color doesn’t make it any more practical and there are a few things you should know: Use a deodorant that will not make your white clothes yellow, and wash the clothes in all-white batches to preserve their shine. If you are planning on wearing white leggings, opt for the double-layered ones or the ones made of super-thick material. Unless you are completely fine with it showing, wear white underwear, because most white clothes have a certain level of transparency. If you want to be on the safe side, go for loose-fitting rather than skin-tight.


From the red carpet to everyday items, they started off as a hit-or-miss, but have now found the balance between intricate and wearable and have settled as one of the public’s favorite trends. It is absolutely no surprise to us that the trend migrated into the activewear. It lets your skin breathe and makes working out a lot more comfortable. Opt for shirts that have cutouts around the neckline, on the sides or on the shoulder, and for bottoms that have them only on the lower part, to avoid any unwanted situations. When looking for cut-out pieces, always try them on before buying, or if you are buying online, look closely at the model to make sure that all of the areas are covering what you want them to cover and that there is always enough fabric in between two cut-outs to ensure the structural stability of the piece and prevent rips.

Warm activewear

As the colder months are approaching, we need to put a bit more thought into how we dress when we work out, especially if we enjoy exercising outdoors. You have to make sure you are warm enough so that you don’t catch a cold or generally feel uncomfortable. Wearing a standard, cotton hoodie might suffice if you are working indoors and only need to stay warm until your body naturally heats up from the exercise. However, if you’re planning on spending time outside, you do not want a sweat-soaked item on you, since it will leave you extremely vulnerable to the cold. Instead, opt for something like an Ivy Park hooded jacket, which is made from sweat-proof material and will keep you warm and dry.

Bralettes and crop tops

Depending on your own exercise routine, it might be important for you to be able to see your body as much as possible, to follow the lines of your muscles or see if your posture is right. The best way to do this is to wear a workout bralette. Somehow, even though we had cute bralettes around for everyday wear, their merge with sports bras hasn’t really been available before this season. But, now you can be confident that everything is going to stay in place while you’re working out – and that you’ll also look good. They are a great piece to wear on their own or to layer underneath a deep-cut tank top.

Whichever style you choose, make sure that it is something you feel comfortable in, because even the best looking outfit won’t mean much if you don’t feel like you can take on the world in it.