Dealing with a trauma in your family is a major thing, for all people involved. There are many things that can cause trauma in your life, from accidents and death to losing your home or job. Trauma can often cause PTSD in people, alongside anxiety and even depression. Many people treat their symptoms with therapy, mediation and sometimes even by using cannabis products such as those you can find via to help them. Trauma is subjective, in some ways. You cannot judge someone for experiencing trauma over the breakup of a relationship.

While most people that experience trauma are going through something huge, trauma can affect anyone, anytime, for any reason. PTSD is not just something soldiers are diagnosed with. It happens to people that have been raped, people that have been mugged, and more.

Families often experience trauma together. It’s important to know how to help a family member that has gone through trauma alone, as well. Here are a few family traumas and some of the ways to get through them.


Abuse can happen under your roof or happen to someone that lives under your roof, and it can be physical, mental, or even sexual. Abuse of any kind, coming from anyone, can be difficult to deal with. But it can be even worse when it’s happening under your roof. This type of abuse may not get dealt with until later in life.

Therapy is an important step in dealing with this type of trauma. You may also want to go back and face your abuser if it was someone in your family and they are still alive. Sometimes it can help with the healing.


Death can be extremely traumatic for anyone. If you are a parent and your child dies, it can be hard to deal with. If your parents die at a younger age, it can be hard to deal with.

This type of trauma seriously requires therapy. If it was a slow death, and your family member had hospice services, they offer therapy that can help. You can also attend group meetings with other grieving parents.


Divorce can be a traumatic thing for the soon-to-be-former spouse and for children. How traumatic it is depends on whether or not things are amicable. If you’re arguing all the time. Fighting over custody, and fighting over your assets, it can be a very traumatic experience.

For children of divorce, there is therapy. There is also therapy for those going through divorce if they need it. If you lost custody of your children in the divorce, or you’ve lost your home, these things can lead past trauma into really deep depression and other problems.

If you’ve experienced an event that was traumatic for you, never let anyone tell you that you should not be upset. There is help out there for you if you seek it. If you don’t get help your trauma could turn into deeper issues, including PTSD and depression.