Studies show that spending more time with your family can not only bring you all closer together but can increase your overall quality of life.  Since at the end of the day humans are still animals and our ancestors made tribes, we like to feel a sense of community and belonging.

When you have a strong connection to your family and a strong foundation at home, your confidence increases, your happiness increases, and you feel less unsure about the world around you.

In this busy modern world, however, each member of the family may each have their own individual time conflicts.  Sometimes it can be a challenge to get everyone together.  And sometimes once you are together you can find yourself wondering what you should be doing to take advantage of this moment!

Here are some of the best ideas for ways you can spend your time with each other as a family.

Schedule Family Couch Time

Your family time together doesn’t have to be intricately organized outings or terribly complicated activities.  Sometimes it’s just as simple as sitting on the couch, watching a family friendly movie, and staying warm together.

The simple act of just being together and enjoying day-to-day activities like watching your favorite shows as a group can be incredibly meaningful.  By laughing together and having a common interest, your bond will become stronger.

Take a Vacation Once a Year

Try to take a trip together as a family at least once a year.  The bigger your family is the higher the cost, so don’t feel like you necessarily have to go to the Bahamas or Paris every time.  Sometimes it can be as simple as a town over and renting a cabin.

The point isn’t about where you go but going on an adventure together as a family and creating memories.

Eat Dinners Together

Try to make an effort to eat dinner as a family at least 3 times a week if not more.  This way you can keep up with each others days and talk about what is going on in each other lives.

This old fashioned tradition has lost some of its value in the modern American tradition.  However, studies show that children who eat dinner regularly with their families have higher levels of confidence and better grades.

Schedule Family Game Nights

A great way to create your family’s sense of being a “team” is having a family game night every week.  You can take turns deciding who gets to choose the game on that particular night which can create an extra sense of excitement.

At first, it may sound corny, but you’d be surprised how much of an inner child you still have inside and how much playing games can be great fun regardless of your age.