Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year and the holidays offer us a chance to spend time with our family, feed ourselves with some hearty meals and decorate our homes to celebrate the occasion. We explore some of the dominating Christmas decor trends of this year, so join us as we share the Christmas home accessories, tips and tricks with which to help transform your home to a winter wonderland.

Rainbow Christmas tree decor

More Christmas baubles will be required for the colours near the base of the tree, so go with to a colour palette you enjoy. Otherwise you can incorporate the ‘rainbow’ trend into your Christmas home decor ideas by creating a gradual spectrum of colours in this way.


Metallic candle holders and ornaments, gold cutlery and even beaded placemats do well to complement mini, copper Christmas baubles for your tree. Christmas tree ribbons and florals in gold, silver and copper provide a beautiful shimmer, making for a number of ways to create the perfect metallic-inspired Christmas decor. You could also add some colorful neon signs in white or gold, from Neon Mama or similar companies, to highlight the metallic decor in your home.


Plaid Christmas furnishings assume warm, soft and rustic appearance and make for the perfect accompaniment to the holidays. Add a country/cosy feel to your decor with these traditional Christmas accessories using wool throws and cushions to spruce up your sofa. Plaid Christmas stockings just waiting to be opened on Christmas morning round this look up.

Christmas lanterns

Lighting is essential for the creation of the right mood during the holidays. With the introduction of luxury Christmas accessories to the Christmas lantern – such as LED lanterns – you can create a light, atmosphere and warmth with the flick of a switch. Pair it with Christmas candles, festoon lighting and table- or floor-lamps for the ultimate welcome for any guests over the holiday period.

Unconventional stars

While it might seem conventional to decorate with stars, Christmas decor trends for 2018 are dedicated to celebrating the classic interior with a modern twist. Mix and match textures, materials and sizes to play with the traditional shape. Star lighting, hanging star lanterns and even abstract star ornaments add a contemporary feel to the classic decor items.


Christmas decor trends very closely follow the general interior decor trends of 2018, taking us right back to our earthy roots. The beauty of the outdoors is brought indoors, with wooden Christmas home accessories, while the natural shades and materials will perfectly complement the crisp, fresh snow and the cosy glow in your home. Start with your dining table and recreate the outdoors with a tablescape featuring wooden plate chargers and rustic cutlery.

Festoon lighting

Festoon lighting makes for the perfect illumination for your rooms, emitting a warm, soft glow as opposed to harsh, bright lights. For more unique decor, wrap festoon lighting around your Christmas tree or even drape over mirrors and wall art to create a cosy atmosphere. You could get the perfect Christmas photo canvas prints uk and hang it up as wall decor during the holidays; the lights can bring a beautiful aura to the art, giving it a perfect Christmas-y feel!

Black and gold

If you’re looking for classic, sophisticated and luxurious Christmas home accessories, a combination of black and gold colours can prove utterly marvellous; from gold ribbons on the tree to black Christmas baubles and even tableware.