Generally, we have a few special days in a year where we can really be spoiled in what we receive and are celebrated as who we are.

Birthdays are one, anniversaries are others and then there comes around days like Mother’s Day where those loved ones provide us with love for all that we do. If you are a busy housewife or spend most of your time at home mixing working with hectic family life, it’s these little moments in the year that make all the work worth it and you want to make them last.

Here are some ideas for sprucing up the home and making it a celebration of being a family.

Wall Features

There is nothing better than the happy faces of your children and being in the house when they are not can sometimes provide the peace you need and also feel out of place and lonely sometimes.

One thing that you can do to make the home a little bit brighter is to dedicate one wall to all your happy memories by making it a feature wall littered with your favourite memories. Those mothers who have adopted working from home have found that a wall dedicated to happy memories provides a happier tone to the room.

You can lace the wall with pictures that you might have received as personalized mother’s day gifts from your kids. Or you can use your children’s drawings and create a great memory wall that can grow as your children do.

Turn your Bathroom into your Chill Room

We all love that ability to climb into a tub and relax for an hour or so, but as mums we rarely get the time to do it with ease.

However, with a few touch ups to the room it can be a greater relaxing atmosphere fit for those candles and bubble bath evenings. You could even have underfloor heating installed to provide some extra warmth and comfort. If you would like some quick style installed, you could look at changing your flooring to luxury wood effect vinyl flooring which perfectly replicates light or dark woods or even stone and porcelain. It’s also great at retaining warmth and being 100% waterproof.

Making your bathroom your chill zone will make you want to dedicate that little extra time to unwind in style and comfort.

Easy Clean Kitchen

If you are the cook for the family then no doubt all of your axes are being juggled within the room throughout the day.

This can be from packing the school lunches to doing the washing up all the way to cooking tea. With all that work there is always a lot of washing up to follow. Maybe looking at easier and quicker clean up options such as easy clean worktops and lowest price amtico flooring can provide a boost in your day by providing much quicker clean up properties.

It could be the perfect request for your other half to do a little DIY in the kitchen to make it work for you and provide some extra time to yourself in the day.

Mother’s Day is a day for celebration for all that you are and having a little extra support in family decoration, cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK and Amtico Signature collection and some extra time to enjoy yourself a little bit more each day, it will feel like every day gives a little bit more.