Summer has officially ended, and we now welcome the Autumn season to our doors. This season can be one of the most beautiful, with the leaves falling off trees and temperatures starting to drop a little. So, with that in mind, this is the perfect time to get your home ready for the colder season ahead. Flooring can add a surprising amount of warmth your home, and we’re gonna take you through some of the best out there.

Parquet flooring will probably be your best friend this Autumn. With warm designs, that can be moulded into any sort of shape and form you like, it is a wonderful addition to any home. Most parquet flooring can handle being installed on top of underfloor heating, which is an added benefit that parquet holds of other flooring types. Parquet flooring is water resistant as well, so perfect for any wet shoes you may have running across your floor. Any water can be picked up very quickly and easily.
Another great option in the winter, and probably the most popular option is hardwood. You have the option to either brighten your home up with your wood flooring, or alternatively add that dark autumnal feeling to your home. It can be important to keep that summer glow, it lifts spirits on the darkest and dreariest days.
The above Engineered Oak wood flooring is a perfect example of hardwood that can brighten up your home. You can alternatively add a warmer feel to your house with darker colours, that provide the aesthetic of warmth. Darker colours compliment the dark nights, conjuring up the image of a roaring fire on a cold winters’ evening.
Autumn is the perfect time to add some much needed colour into your home. We hope that our little guide has helped you decide on this season’s trends. Go to for more information and advice!