Flooring is a huge investment. Would you really want to invest in a flooring option which is wrong? Wood floors look awesome and give your home a warm and elegant look. Hardwood floors can enhance the aesthetics of your home.

A reputable engineered and solid oak flooring company can help you find a top-notch hardwood flooring option for your property. The numerous options might confuse you, but when you have the specialists to help you, you will find the best option available.


You need to start by understanding the basic difference between the two. When you understand the difference between the two, it will be easier for you to find a feasible option for your own property.

o What is a Solid Hardwood Floor?

As the name suggests, solid hardwood means that the hardwood is solid. It is made from a single piece of wood. This makes the product durable and last a long time. It can be enjoyed for many generations to come. When you buy it from a reputed company, then you have nothing to worry about. They have superior quality options for you.

o What is an Engineered Hardwood Floor?

This kind of flooring option is also made of 100% wood, just like the solid flooring option. The only difference with the solid variant is that, the wood is constructed with numerous cross-grain layers. The top-layer can come in a variety of colours as well as species, like engineered oak flooring. Each layer has cross grain layered in different directions. This presents the flooring option better stability, even under massive temperature, humidity and moisture fluctuations.

o Which Hardwood Floor is easier to Install?

If you are thinking of installation, then the engineered hardwood variant would be definitely the better choice. It is much easier to install and given the appropriate environmental conditions, this kind of flooring can be installed below, above and on-grade. The best news is that it can be installed on all types of sub-floors, including wood and concrete. Solid Hardwood Floor, on the other hand can be installed only on or above grade and on wooden sub-floor.

o Which Hardwood Floor looks better with Numerous Design Options?

If we talk about design, then both solid and engineered hardwood floors have a variety of species, colours and textures. If the aesthetics is taken into consideration, then the engineered kind of hardwood flooring is definitely better. The main reason being its construction, the stability in its build, makes it resistant to environmental factors. So, the look of the floor does not become susceptible to temperature or humidity changes. You always have the option to reach out to a flooring company like Shadow Wood Flooring to gain more information about each flooring option, and which one might suit your home better,

o Which Hardwood Floor is more Cost-Effective?

In terms of cost, both the floor types, solid and engineered cost nearly the same. The simple reason that both the floor types are constructed from 100% natural wood, makes both equally valuable to your home’s look and value. Thus, both options are equally cost-effective, as they can be found at affordable rates from reliable companies and both add to the resale value of your property.

o Which Hardwood Floor Will Last Longer?

The life span of both solid and engineered hardwood is more or less the same. Each type of flooring when maintained properly with care can last for over 100 years. This makes both types of flooring a good investment.

o Which type of Hardwood Flooring can be Refinished Numerous Times?

Solid wood floors can be refinished much more than the engineered type of flooring. The refinishing process basically, involves sanding down the finish, removing the top stain and re-staining the top-layer. This process usually removes a thin layer of the top-layer, thus with time the engineered wood might start losing its beautiful look. You will also need to remember that the process of refinishing removes the original texture of the top-layer as well. How many times the flooring can be refinished, depends on the thickness of the flooring.

  • Who wins the Battle: Solid or Hardwood?

Well, it is all a matter or preference and convenience. The reason is that each hardwood flooring option is good in some aspect or the other. This makes it quite difficult to call out on a clear winner. You can think of consulting a professional flooring agency or maybe a handyman in The Woodlands (or wherever you live) who can help you take the right decision according to your preferences and needs.

When considering flooring options, it is essential to prioritize both aesthetics and functionality. While solid hardwood floor offers the traditional appeal and durability, engineered hardwood floor provides added stability and versatility. By understanding the differences between the two options, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect flooring solution for your homes.