There’s no denying that carpet remains a popular choice for the bedroom, but times are changing and people are evolving. Gone are the days where only magnolia would suffice and cream carpets ran through the house, people are making statements and they aren’t afraid to be bold, so why should the bedroom be an exception? It’s time to get rid of that stained old carpet and explore all the options, because believe me when I say it, there are plenty available.

Just remember that whichever flooring type you decide to go for, investing in a high-quality underlay is crucial. Furthermore, purchasing a gypsum concrete underlay could be the best way to ensure that your new flooring will last for years to come. In case you were not already aware, gypsum concrete is a building material that is used as a floor underlayment in wood-frame and concrete construction. It provides benefits such as sound reduction, radiant heating, and floor leveling. Further, to give the gypsum concrete floor a smooth, modern appearance, Mikrozement (microcement) can be applied. Adding this to the flooring can increase its durability and aesthetic value. Having said that, there are other types of bedroom flooring available. Some of them are listed below.


Wood flooring is often overlooked for the bedroom area, yes, it’s not as traditional and soft as a carpet but wood flooring does offer a warm and welcoming vibe within the room. The beauty of wood flooring is in its natural aesthetic, it is almost earthy and at the same time offers a sense of comfort. If you like to place orders for to-shelf timber in New Zealand, then Sawmill Direct could be an option worth looking into. Aside from beauty, wood flooring is also really durable and can withstand much heavier footfall than what would be expected in a bedroom, thus resulting in the floor probably outliving the house. If you’re an allergy sufferer then wood flooring could be the answer to your prayers, as we all know carpets are renowned for harbouring dust and bacteria which are constantly released into the atmosphere every time someone walks on the surface – a nightmare if you’re allergic to pollen, animal fur, etc. However, with a hardwood surface particles can easily be washed away so they aren’t constantly in the atmosphere waiting for you to breathe them in and suffer – to put it politely!


When you think of laminate flooring, you would often place it somewhere like the kitchen, most people don’t even consider that laminate could be suitable for the bedroom – well people, you are wrong! Laminate flooring makes for a great choice in the bedroom; it is incredibly easy to keep clean and lasts for absolutely ages if taken care of properly. Laminate isn’t restricted to just wood effect finishes, there are a wide range of designs available which gives you the freedom to play around with the look you’re after. Replicating the look of a real floor has never been easier, or cheaper! You may struggle to consider how it’s possible to incorporate laminate into a bedroom environment, but there are lots of ways to accessorise and highlight the beauty of your floor, in fact it’s probably easier than you think!


Or Lino as it’s more commonly known, is a bit of an odd choice when it comes to the bedroom area but hear us out! Surprisingly, Lino makes for a pretty good option in the bedroom; it takes on the properties of the surface it’s installed on so when coupled with a nice soft underlay it becomes really comfortable underfoot. Lino is available in a variety of colours and designs so that it can replicate different materials and designs. If you’re a bit of an eco-warrior then you’ll be pleased to know that a lot of manufacturers are working towards using sustainable materials in construction and designing the material. Lino is completely biodegradable and can even be recycled at the end of its lifespan in your home, all of the above makes it one of the eco-friendliest flooring options on the market!

So, there we have it, our three alternatives to the same old carpet option, go ahead – think outside box!