You’re probably wondering what Japandi really is and why it is so often mentioned in the interior design world. First things first, this term represents the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design styles and it’s an absolute hit this season. Additionally, more and more modern homeowners are going crazy for this irresistible combination of rustic minimalism of the Scandi design and humble gracefulness of the Japanese interior décor. Therefore, we have decided to share some of the biggest Japandi decoration suggestions for you to try out and turn your home into a true oasis of elegance and charm.

A typical Japandi colour scheme

To start off, you can begin by replicating the typical Japandi colour schemes. For example, the first thing that one can notice while entering a house designed in this particular fashion is that normally the walls are decorated with wallpapers that resemble birch wood. These are usually matched with furniture and accent walls in pastel colours. Therefore, if you want to truly recreate this colour pattern we recommend consulting the Pantone colour chart to find out what the latest pastel colour trend for this season is, and then explore various wood-themed wallpapers until you find the ones that suit your home design the best.

The essentials for the living room

Next, we will discuss what constitutes a Japandi living room. More than anything else, this design form encourages the contrast between light and dark shades of wood. So, it’s no surprise that something as simple as a coffee table would be made out of many different types of wood, for instance, bright oak for the top and walnut with a dark lacquer finish for the legs. The same design boldness can be applied to couches, lounges and armchairs where the upholstery would be in a dark pastel colour while the legs are made out of brightly-finished wood or vice versa. Make sure to explore various Japandi living room designs, we are sure you’ll find inspiration for your own creative take on the idea.

Harmony in the bathroom

As we all know, both the Japanese and Scandinavian interior designers cherish the bathroom part of the house as the oasis of harmony and serenity. When it comes to floor tiles, we recommend opting for stone ones and matching them with faux panels to bring out that perfect cool, natural and intimate feel of Japanese baths. Additionally, we strongly advise going for a wide stone basin sink to truly bring forth the meaning of the words classy design. Lastly, the centrepiece of the bathroom should be a minimalistic freestanding bath.

You can’t spell Japandi without greenery

Yes, when it comes to the Japandi décor, the more greenery you incorporate into every room, the closer you will get to genuinely recreating this design form. So, if you feel like your rooms are too cold from all the pastel colours, shake things up with some low-maintenance plants that will add some boldness to the place and purify the air at the same time. For example, you can opt for the classics like dieffenbachia or peace lilies which will look amazing as centrepieces on any table and sweep your guests off their feet. On the other hand, you can go for floral-patterned wallpapers if you don’t want the hassle of taking care of flowers and plants.

How to make it work in the bedroom

Last but not least, making Japandi work in your bedroom doesn’t take that much effort. Even though you need to factor in cold colours for the walls, you can still bring out the passion by going for a floral-patterned accent wall. Additionally, you can make a bold statement with large orient-inspired sliding doors for your walk-in closet. Be creative and come up with your own unique way of matching minimalism with bold and passionate designs for your bedroom.

As we can see, Japandi truly has taken over the interior design world. All you need to do in order to replicate it is to be imaginative and combine the minimalistic feel of the Scandi design with the elegance of the Japanese interior décor. Good luck and enjoy your newly remodelled place.