When you’re going to visit a city for more than a week or two, it’s perfectly natural to seek out a serviced apartment instead of booking a hotel room. After all, you’ll want somewhere a little larger and more welcoming. Better yet, most serviced apartments provide significant discounts if you stay for weeks instead of days.

But what if you’re only visiting for one night? Booking a serviced apartment might not seem necessary, but there are plenty of compelling benefits that come with doing so.

Central Location

Unless you’re booking an ultra-fancy (and expensive) 5-star, hotels are usually positioned relatively far from the city centre – land is cheaper further out, which is handy when you’re building something as large as a hotel. Serviced apartments will usually place you right in the middle of the action, and that’s great when you’re only staying for one night. You have but a few precious hours to explore, so don’t spend too many of them driving or taking public transportation to and from your accommodation.

Self-Catering Option

Again, time is a factor when you’re only staying for one night, and it’s a lot faster and easier to pick up a ready-meal from a supermarket and prepare it in your serviced apartment rather than going to a restaurant. This is especially handy in the morning. You can make breakfast in a snap, plus a snack for lunch, and then head out the door without wasting time looking for somewhere that can serve you in a hurry.

Impeccable Cleanliness
The commitment to cleanliness and hygiene in boutique serviced apartments is unwavering, regardless of the length of your stay, be it a single night or an extended visit. Owners of these establishments prioritize immaculate rooms and spotless common areas to ensure every guest experiences a high standard of comfort and cleanliness. This dedication to hygiene often involves collaboration with experts specializing in commercial cleaning services in Asheville or other convenient locations. This rigorous approach not only meets but often exceeds guest expectations, providing a pristine and welcoming environment where every guest can relax and enjoy their stay, regardless of its duration.

Minimal Price Difference

If you’re only staying for a single night, booking a serviced apartment will almost always cost more than booking a room in a hotel, especially if you’re willing to go for a cheaper hotel chain. That said, the price difference isn’t going to be so huge if you’re only staying for one night, and it can be more than worth it considering the benefits mentioned above. If money is the only thing holding you back, why not go ahead and treat yourself? It’s not like you’ll be breaking the bank.