Summer weather is here and it’s time to start thinking about getting outside and doing some grilling and partying. Whether you’re planning a BBQ outside for all of your friends, or looking for great he shed ideas for a shed-type bar, summer brings out the best parties. When it comes to having a backyard party there are some things you need to have if you want everyone to be happy and have fun. Some outdoor speakers attached to a nice stereo might be a good investment if you host a lot of outdoor parties, but it’s not something everyone can afford.

Whether you’re simply celebrating the summer or you’re having a bbq for the Fourth of July, you need to have the right stuff to pull off a great outdoor party (that could mean renting a porta-potty or two as well). Here are some things to get.

Awesome Souvenirs

Get some souvenirs that your guests can take home with them, especially if you’re having a themed party or celebrating a holiday. Can “koozies” are one great thing to get for cheap, and you can get them with your own chosen logo or design so people will always remember the stellar party you hosted.

Other great party favors include frisbees and keychains. Think of something that fits the type of party you’re having and get gifts that everyone can enjoy.

The Right Grill

Make sure you get the right grill because the wrong grill will have you stuck cooking for the whole party. Get a grill with a lot of space so everything can be cooked at once (or at least all the meat can be cooked at once). No summer party is a real party without some grilled vittles.

Perfect Lighting

If you’re going to be partying on into the night you want to make sure that you have the right lighting. Your backyard light could be a bit too harsh. Mood lighting would be better.

Start by swapping out those bulbs in your outdoor lights with green or blue bulbs, then hang some Christmas tree style lights up around the deck and other areas where people will be walking and talking.

Bug Protection

Bug protection is important for outdoor parties as well. All sorts of critters can disrupt your get together so invest in a bug zapper and maybe even some citronella candles or torches. You may also want some covers or nets to put over food items to keep flies and bees out of the goodies.

Seating For All

While a backyard party is going to have a lot of people standing around and chatting, you still want to make sure you have seating available for when people need it, or for when it’s time to eat. Lawn chairs can be cheap or pricey, depending on the look you want. You might even consider getting a couple picnic tables.