Growing up with candy, most of us still indulge on them, as they form a part of our childhood. Some have changed and some have not. Some are colourful most are not. You probably still eat them but they still don’t taste as good as they used to, or they have been discontinued. Well thank goodness the wonderful colours of skittles and m&m’s still live on! Just as the best online bingo site, – this site is full of colours and fun! Here you can enjoy 75 and 90 ball bingo rooms, unique bingo games, ongoing exciting promotions, loyalty rewards, slots and table games. Sounds yummy! Time to get your mouth watering.

South Africa

  1. Koeksisters: This is a sweet treat that is plaited dough, fried in hot oil and plunged into ice cold sugar syrup and sometimes decorated with desiccated coconut.
  1. Ultramel Custard: This is a creamy custard treat that can be served hot or cold and over any desert. Some people prefer to drink it out of the carton!
  1. Biltong: Like beef jerky. This meat is cured in apple cider, spices and salt and is then air dried. This snack has been around for centuries and is made from various meats such as: ostrich, kudu and cow.


  1. Spritzkuchen/German Crullers: These are pastries that are fried. Like donuts. And topped of with sugary glaze.
  1. Pretzel: This is a giant pretzel like the American one and is glazed in pig oil.
  1. Super Dickmann’s Waffle: these tastes like teaches but have a marshmallow filling, a wafer base and coated with a thin layer of chocolate.


  1. Mango Sticky Rice: Might sound odd but this has won over tons of people. The sticky rice is soaked in coconut milk and sugar before being steamed. Then it’s served with sliced mango and drizzle of coconut syrup.
  1. Thai Donuts: Made from flour, yeast and baking soda. If it’s not morning they can be hard to find during the day. This treat is served with soy milk, custard or condensed milk.
  1. Kit Kat Green Tea: The famous Kit Kat chocolate is now available in the green tea flavour in Thailand.


  1. Twizzlers Twist: This is the most common form of candy in the USA. Packed with loads of strawberry flavour and low in fat being the best form of liquorice to ever exist.
  1. Tater Tots: This is the most common side dish in the USA. It consists of seasoned grated potatoes which are deep fried. They are cylindrically shaped and have a crispy exterior.
  1. Twinkies: This is a golden sponge cake that has a cream filling or any filling and is deep fried.  


  1. Napoleon Bonbon: This was a lemon flavoured hard candy. Is now available in all colours and flavours. 
  1. Brussels Bread: Is a rectangular pastry that is prepared with cinnamon and packed with sugar. 
  1. Cuberdon: These are Belgian cone shaped candies that are hard outside, soft and jelly like. Like a jelly bean and differentiates in flavour.